The Compost Story

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In this film, discover what would happen if we diverted the 60 billion pounds of mineral-rich food materials that go to landfills each year in the U.S. alone and turned them into compost. Join the movement to regenerate the earth, starting with the soil.

Compost vs. Fertilizer, What are the Differences?

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By Jennifer Ho A common question among growers is: what is the difference between compost and fertilizer? How can I best deliver the necessary nutrients? Will yields be affected? Do I need both, one, or the other? These questions have become even more significant with the recent surge in fertilizer prices driven by the worldwide […]

How to Compost at Home

compost at home

Waste is a human invention. We are the ONLY creatures on earth that don’t live a zero waste existence. THE RESULT? Over 60 billion pounds of mineral-rich food materials unnecessarily go to landfills each year in the U.S. alone. Become a composting household and divert your family’s food waste from a landfill into compost; which […]

Urban Composting: How to Compost from Anywhere


Living in a small space, apartment or somewhere without a yard doesn’t have to keep you from composting!  Urban Farmer, Rishi Kumar shows you how it’s possible to compost from anywhere ― with or without a yard! How to compost at home THE SOIL STORY

How to Compost at Home: Simple and Clean

amy smart

Our friend Amy Smart and Kiss the Ground Co-Founder Finian Makepeace take you through a simple (and clean!) step by step process on how to compost at home. Make this the year that you find your path in the movement to regenerate the planet. Composting at home is a great way to start! Watch the compost […]

I Kiss the Ground

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“There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground”  – Rumi Participate in regeneration to protect the people, places, and moments you love. Make an Impact Your $10 donation supports the transition of 1 acre of land to regenerative. Learn more  Welcome to Kiss the Ground Regenerative Bingo!  See all the […]

Education for Businesses

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Soil Education For Teams and Professionals This 90-minute course, specifically designed for businesses equips your team with the collective knowledge of what regenerative agriculture is, why it’s a solution to the climate, health, and wellness crisis, as well as how to publicly share about how your team is taking action in the regenerative movement. Empowering […]

Kiss the Ground’s Newest Mini-Documentary, Stories of Regeneration, Featuring  Commercial East Coast Farmers T.J. & Caroline Schiff

Meet the multi-generational farmers at the beginning of a bold new journey incorporating regenerative agriculture practices on a conventional farm the size of Los Angeles  Kiss the Ground, an audience-supported non-profit organization dedicated to promoting regeneration as a viable solution for the climate, wellness, and water crises, is thrilled to announce the launch of its […]


Kiss the Ground Advocacy Sign the Petition for Regenerative Agriculture The Campaign to Regenerate America The majority of U.S. soils are extremely degraded – topsoil loss is occurring at a rate of 4.6 tons per acre, per year on agricultural land, a major contributing factor to our climate, water, and health crisis. Now is the […]

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