Welcome, everyone to another episode of the Kiss The Ground podcast. I am really, really thrilled today with, we have two actual guests. An amazing, amazing filmmaker, Mallory Cunningham who’s worked with Kiss the Ground over the last three years, making some of the beautiful content that we’ve created. Mallory contributed and worked on pieces that were featured and actually received an Emmy that was also featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sundays. And she has created an amazing piece that will be released in the month of May for Mother’s Day featuring Carrie Richards, who is also our guest that’s coming on today, who is an amazing, amazing young woman who’s gone back to a five-generation ranching family and land to take over the ranching operation and is doing it in a completely new way.

Instead of doing it the old conventional way, she’s really taking on this regenerative holistic management approach to how to regenerate the land and regenerate an abundant business. And so today’s episode will be released along with the world premiere of this film that is going to be called First Regeneration and it really is the film and story of Carrie Richards’ journey back to the ranch and how she’s taken this old operating ranch into this new paradigm of regeneration.

You can find more info about Carries’s grass-fed beef here.

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