Stephen Pfahler

Stephen Pfahler

Board Director

Stephen has served as a Superior Court Judge for State of California in Los Angeles since 2006.  The L.A. County court system is the largest county court system in the world. Prior to that, he practiced law for over 16 years, representing public and private sector clients in land use and civil rights matters, and was recognized as a “Super Lawyer.”

Stephen also serves as the Director of Regenerative Agriculture for the Santa Ynez Ranch, where he leads a team working towards the Regenerative Organic Certification. He passionately believes that regenerative agriculture is superior to sustainable agriculture because it is not just maintaining the status quo but actually improving the soil, plants, and environment.

He is the Chairman of the Board for Chapter 3, having served in that capacity since its inception.  Chapter 3 is a non-profit, dedicated to virtuously disrupting the business of agriculture through regeneration and to educating the public about the importance of soil health.

He is also an Adjunct Professor of Public Policy and the Law at the University of Southern California.

Stephen is a certified life coach, studied Positive Psychology through the University of Pennsylvania, and strongly advocates for lawyer health and well-being.  He is publishing his first book in August 2022 entitled, The Whole Truth for Lawyers: A Complete Guide to Flourishing in Your Life and Career.