"There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground"

 – Rumi

Participate in regeneration to protect the people, places, and moments you love.


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Welcome to Kiss the Ground Regenerative Bingo! 

See all the ways you can live regeneratively this month, and invite your friends and family to play along.

Everyone has the ability participate in regeneration in their own unique way, whether it’s learning how to compost a banana peel, following a regenerative farm on Instagram, or a sharing one of our educational videos on your page.

Download your bingo card, and make sure to post on socials about your Regenerative Bingo journey (and tag us!) for a chance to be featured on our story.

Let the games begin!

“I Kiss the Ground…” is an invitation for all individuals to make the regenerative movement their own. As we take on this mission together, we’ll be sharing countless ways for you to Kiss the Ground in your unique way – whether you live on a farm or in a city apartment. Find your way and let’s make a lasting impact together. Follow us on social media, join the conversation, and be a part of the movement! 🌏💚 #IKisstheGroundFor

I kiss the ground...

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