Our Team

Ryland Engelhart
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Richard Wegman
Chief Operating Officer

Karen Rodriguez
VP of Operations

Finian Makepeace
Co-Founder, Policy Director & Lead Educator

Ayesha Ali
Federal Policy Coordinator

Leigh Barnholt
Marketing Coordinator

Erica Campbell
Policy Manager

Becky Cassel
Administrative Coordinator

Jessica Chiartas
Lead Soil Scientist

Felicia Collins
Marketing & Communications Director

Harley Cross
Policy & Communications Consultant, Landcore

Krissy Dove
Stewardship Program Manager

Jaime Flores
Web Developer

Nicole Granados
Social Media Manager

Raphael Guzman
Membership Manager

Callie Ham
Regenerate L.A. and International Policy Coordinator

Agatha Hannah
Development Director

Vivian Kanchian
Executive Assistant

Aria McLauchlan
Policy & Partnerships Consultant, Landcore

Carrie Moran
Partnership Development Manager

Kate Oliva
VP of Content & Education Programs

Jackie Peller
Booking Coordinator

Gina Quattrochi
Operations Manager

Don Smith
Stewardship Program Advisor & Teacher

Erica Wagner
Creative Director

Kylie Wagner
Farmland Program Director