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Harley Cross


Policy & Communications Consultant, Landcore

Harley Cross is the Co-Founder and Director of Strategy for Land Core, a non-profit that advances soil health programs and policies that create value for farmers, businesses, and communities. He is an entrepreneur, business/creative strategist, producer, and co-founder of a series of thriving businesses and non-profit organizations, including Hint Mint Inc., a designer candy company that sold successfully in 2016, and an innovative quality control company in China. Additionally, Harley co-founded LA-based creative/communications agency, “Interconnected” which made the viral short film(s), “Caine’s Arcade”, in 2010 and launched the Imagination Foundation 501(c)3 the following year. In his career, he has worked with clients such as the United Nations Foundation and Move.Org, as well as brands like BMW and Ritz-Carlton.