Common Ground VIP Screening in D.C.

On September 18, a dream-team consisting of Rosario Dawson, Ian Somerhalder, farmer Rick Clark, Kiss the Ground, and more arrived in Washington D.C. to lobby for regenerative agriculture in the next Farm Bill, and to host a screening of the new film, Common Ground.  After Ian spoke on the importance of regenerative agriculture and Common […]

Unveiling the Southwest’s Regenerative Champion–Kiss the Ground Presents “Stories of Regeneration” Episode 2 Featuring Yadi Wang, a First-Generation Regenerative Farmer

Kiss the Ground, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to regeneration as a viable solution for the climate, wellness, and water crisis through storytelling, education, and advocacy, is thrilled to introduce the latest installment of its captivating mini-documentary series, “Stories of Regeneration.” This second chapter of the series embarks on an inspiring journey […]

Stories of Regeneration: Yadi Wang

Explore the empowering story of regenerative southwest wheat farmer Yadi Wang as he fulfills the seemingly impossible mission to transform a degraded cotton farm into the first large-scale, regenerative farm in one of the hottest and driest climates in the country, Arizona.

Kiss the Ground Launches New Mini-Documentary Series, Stories of Regeneration

WATCH The premium program focuses on leaders in the Regenerative Movement; the ‘23 season will feature Mollie Engelhart of Sow a Heart Farm in Southern California, Yadi Wang, a 1st generation farmer from Tucson, Arizona, and ends with an accomplished 3rd Generation farmer just starting the regenerative journey on the East Coast. Kiss the Ground, […]

Stories of Regeneration: Mollie Engelhart

In this mini-documentary, we delve into the inspiring journey of Mollie Engelhart, a regenerative farmer at Sow A Heart Farm in Fillmore, CA. Mollie’s story is a testament to the transformative power of regenerative agriculture. Against all odds, she overcame challenges on a seemingly inhospitable land, showcasing resilience and determination. Through innovative approaches like implementing a composting program at her plant-based bistro and brewery, Sage, Mollie revolutionized her farm and witnessed remarkable changes.

Kiss The Ground, American Sustainable Business Network and Dozens of Leading Business Executives Advocate for Federal Investment In Regenerative Agriculture

tractor in field with sunsetting behind

Building on a series of successful DC events that have amplified farmer voices and brought celebrity endorsements to their advocacy work, Kiss the Ground and representatives from the Regenerate America™ coalition will return to Washington next week alongside industry executives. Together, they’ll visit with members of Congress to ask for their support for regenerative agriculture […]

Common Ground Film Old

“Instead of trying to control nature, it’s time we remember our roots. We all come from nature.” – Common Ground Film Common Ground is the follow up film from our friends and directors Josh and Rebecca Tickell, to the first film, Kiss The Ground, which debuted in September 2020. The film takes a deep dive […]

Kiss The Ground’s New Study Reveals Only 4% of US Adults Understand the Significance of Regenerative Agriculture

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Kiss the Ground aims to achieve threefold growth through collaboration with high-visibility brands, influencers, and organizations. Kiss the Ground, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness for regeneration, has released a new study that shows a tremendous opportunity for growth in the regenerative movement. The study found that while 20% of US adults are […]


a man standing at a podium in front of a projector screen.

Kiss the Ground, a nonprofit and leading voice for the regenerative movement, partnered up with Woody Harrelson, actor and star of Kiss the Ground the film, for a policy briefing with members of Congress and staff. Hosted by Representatives Angie Craig and Dean Phillips of Minnesota, with opening remarks from Representative Jim Baird of Indiana, the […]

Possibilities of Regeneration

a painting of a woman in a purple dress.

This film explores the origins of regenerative agriculture, offering a story that is both new and ancient in its roots. Co-written and narrated by Lyla June Johnston, an indigenous public speaker, artist, scholar, and community organizer, the film takes a holistic approach to regenerative stewardship, expanding the idea of regeneration beyond the principles popularized in the relatively young regenerative agriculture movement.

Expires June 19th!