Kiss the Ground Celebrates World Soil Day

Earth Day

Kiss the Ground will be broadcasting Live on Facebook on December 5th, celebrating soil’s important role in fashion, health, business, education, agriculture, and all life on earth!

Ensure Your Neighborhood Is Non-Toxic

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Section 9101 of the House Farm Bill would block local control to protect children from harmful pesticides. Here’s how you can help get it passed.

Kiss the Ground Farmland Program x Café Gratitude


Kiss the Ground’s new Farmland Program connects restaurants and their customers to farmers and landscapes and illustrates the potential of Regenerative Agriculture through featured menu items. Café Gratitude, Gratitude and Gracias Madre in California offer an opportunity to support this program with their new Farmland Menu.

Let’s Regenerate the Planet —Together.


Become a Kiss the Ground Member today if you’re ready to stand on the front lines of the global movement to regenerate the planet, starting with soil. New Members receive 2-free gifts thanks to our friends at Nutiva!

Why The Fight Over The Most Sustainable Diet Is Missing The Point

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While we argue over who has the more sustainable diet, agriculture continues to turn fertile earth to desert. The food we eat, whether it is bacon or tofu, is based on an ideology of control of the land. All food has blood on it. —But, it doesn’t have to, choose a regenerative diet instead.

Sourcing Matters Podcast: The Recipe For A Regenerative Future

Ryan and Jessie

In this episode of Sourcing Matters, host Aaron Niederhelmanwe and Kiss the Ground’s Ryland Engelhart and Jesse Smith go deep into the current problems we are facing on the planet and discuss a new recipe for moving us forward towards a regenerative future.

The Soil Story Curriculum

Kiss the Ground’s middle school curriculum is designed to introduce young people to the magic of soil and the fascinating connection it has to the food we eat, our health and our climate.

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