Regenerate America™ and Kiss the Ground Go to Farm Aid

a group of people sitting on top of a grass covered field.

Kiss the Ground and Regenerate America™ staff had the incredible opportunity to be welcomed into the family of Farm Aid advocates this year. Since 1985, thousands of people have convened at Farm Aid, the largest annual benefit concert for family farmers. Founded by world-famous American country music artist Willie Nelson to raise awareness, Farm Aid […]

Get Social with Regenerate America™

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Regenerate America™ is on social media! We are so excited to finally share the news: you can now follow Regenerate America™ directly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! With so much momentum for regenerative agriculture, we’re making it easier than ever for you to stay up to date on the latest ag policy news, campaign happenings, […]


Regenerate America’s thousands of farmers, food companies and soil experts urge Biden Administration to utilize the bill’s $20 billion earmarked for conservation to help scale regenerative agriculture for farmer livelihoods, climate resilience, and national security.

House Ag Committee Hearing on September 14th

a group of birds flying over the u s capitol building.

Regenerate America™ is returning to DC! 🌱We are excited to announce that we will be returning to D.C. to participate in the House Ag Committee’s historic hearing on regenerative agriculture! 🌱 The hearing, hosted by Representative David Scott (D-GA-13) and titled “Soil Health Practices and Programs that Support Regenerative Agriculture” will be the first of […]

Chaco Empoderado, part 2: Juan Pedro Borrelli

a man smiling in front of a cityscape.

We’re pleased to introduce our audience to our Spanish-language regenerative training courses, and the people behind our partnership who offer these courses: Guido Lois, former Kiss the Ground photographer and founder of Diez Mil Anos, and Juan Pedro Borrelli, course designer at Escuela de Regeneracion, a Savory hub in Argentina. Please read on in Part […]

Chaco Empoderado, part 1: Guido Lois

a man in a green shirt smiling at the camera.

What was your path to regenerative? I was born into a family linked to the countryside and food production. My father has had every possible job in the industry, from the farm to the table, so my first contact with agriculture began when I was very young. Going to the fields with my father in […]

Introducing Our Newest 10K Acre Partner!