Presidential Campaign Representatives Share Their Plans for the Future of US Farming
Kiss the Ground was honored to take part in Farmers, Soil, and Climate – a presidential forum in Des Moines Iowa. KTG Co-Founder Finian Makepeace moderated and interviewed several Democratic campaign representatives and one Republican presidential candidate. Each laid out their policies on how they would stand up for America’s family farmers and help them transition to more regenerative agricultural practices.
10 Ways to Love the Soil
Join us in showing a little love for the miraculous superhero beneath our feet.
A Collaboration with Asha Apothecary
We’re excited to announce our brand new partnership with Asha Apothecary: a collective of storytellers, regenerative designers, and climate and microbiome scientists creating high-quality hemp and CBD products and contributing to the advancement of land regeneration.
The Birth of Luna Volta with Kayla Clements
Kayla Clements talks about the birth of her company, Luna Volta and how Kiss the Ground's Regenerative Sourcing and Supply Course changed her perspective to a whole systems approach and inspired her to reframe her company's core values.
Herbalism and Beer with Margaux from Wave Maiden
Margaux from Wave Maiden shows us how to incorporate plant medicine in our daily lives, with beer!
Qué es el Mate? – A Mini-Documentary
Descubrí como la Agricultura Regenerativa puede cambiarlo todo a través del Pastoreo Programado. Victor Mochkofsky de Espacio Abasto viaja al sur de Córdoba, Argentina, para conocer la historia de una familia a la que la forma de criar sus animales les cambió la vida.
Why Food Matters with Caitlin from Honey Hi
Regenerative Sourcing & Supply Alumni, Caitlin from Honey Hi explains why food is the most important thing in the world and how sourcing and supply is a continuous journey.
Soil to Table at Plumcot Farm
We are still experiencing the magic and optimism generated from Saturday's Kiss the Ground Soil to Table Fundraiser, graciously hosted by our friends at the beautiful Plumcot Farm in Malibu, California.
3 Ways to Support Farmers Today
Discover a few key ways to connect with local farmers and reap the benefits of locally grown, nutritious, and community supported food.