How to Love the Soil Through Your Fashion Choices
Fibershed published a “slow-fashion” Clothing Guide for consumers, outlining how to engage in a circular system that connects farmers, ranchers, designers, producers, and consumers invested in healthy soils and responsible textile manufacturing.
What is Regenerative Sourcing & Supply?
This course is designed for companies and brands seeking to engage directly with healthy soil solutions and regenerative agriculture through purchasing and supply chains.
Urban Composting: How to Compost from Anywhere
Just because you live in a small space, apartment or somewhere without a yard doesn't mean you can't compost.
5% Day at Whole Foods is April 18th
We’re excited to announce that on April 18th (just four days before Earth Day!) Whole Foods will donate 5% of their sales across forty-four Southern California stores to Kiss the Ground.
How to Compost at Home: Simple and Clean
Our friend Amy Smart and Kiss the Ground Co-Founder Finian Makepeace take you through a simple (and clean!) step by step process on how to compost at home.
How You Can Help Regenerate the Planet in 2019, Starting with Soil
The soil you walk on and grow food in holds a secret to some of the biggest problems facing the planet today. Here is how you can help support the solution in 2019 and beyond.
10 Ways to Love the Soil Today
Join us in showing a little love for the miraculous superhero beneath our feet.
Kiss the Ground Celebrates World Soil Day
Kiss the Ground will be broadcasting Live on Facebook on December 5th, celebrating soil's important role in fashion, health, business, education, agriculture, and all life on earth!
Ensure Your Neighborhood Is Non-Toxic
Section 9101 of the House Farm Bill would block local control to protect children from harmful pesticides. Here's what you can do to protect your city's local rights and your neighborhood.