Soil Advocate Linda Gibb is Bringing Soil Health to Children’s Books
We joined Linda Gibb, Soil Advocate Training alumni, to talk about her work, her goals around regeneration, and her vision for the future.
How Do Agricultural Chemicals Affect Human Health?
Each year over 5.6 billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed across the world’s agricultural landscapes, despite the fact that these chemicals often have devastating impacts on both the environment and
10 Soil Advocates You Should Be Following
Who you choose to follow on Instagram can have a profound impact on your life. If we use social media in a mindful way, it can help us learn, connect with new ideas, and get inspired to take action.
Christina Skonberg Is On a Mission
Can business be a force for good? Christina Skonberg is on a mission to see that it can. Learn more from General Mill’s’ Senior Sustainability Analyst about how one of the world’s largest and most successful companies is approaching regenerative agriculture.
Your Back to School Reading List on Soil
Whether you’re interested in biodiversity or learning about the intricacies of cover crops, silvopasture, or environmental policy, we’ve got you covered with seven amazing books to guide you on your journey towards regeneration.
Jungle Project: Using Breadfruit to Save the Planet
Over several years, Jungle Project has worked to build a large network of beyond-organic, smallholder farmers committed to dynamic agroforestry. Focused on bringing breadfruit, a nutrient-rich, perennial tree crop grown on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, to mainstream markets, Jungle Project is committed to elevating local communities and advancing reforestation in the tropics.
A Case Study: Guayaki
Advancing agroforestry and empowering communities in the South American Atlantic rainforest.
4 Chocolate Brands Changing the World
The truth (although visions of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory may come to mind) is that underneath your favorite colorful packaging lies a fascinating ingredient from the planet’s rich equatorial regions: cacao.
3 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Garden Soil
Growing a garden is one of the best things that you can do for your health and for the environment. And one of the most important keys to growing healthy fruits, vegetables and flowers is supporting the health of your soil.