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Kiss the Ground creates educational experiences and shares knowledge about regenerative agriculture through public speaking at events, conferences, film Q&A panels, and other virtual and in-person arenas.

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Kiss the Ground was established in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) with the goal of creating societal awareness about the solution to humanity’s greatest challenge that is right under our feet.

Since then, millions of people around the world have viewed our media, utilized our educational resources, and engaged with our Farmland and Stewardship programs’ offerings. All of our resources and advocacy tools are intentionally designed to inspire and empower everyone to get involved in the regenerative agriculture movement. We are excited to share these tools and knowledge around the globe to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration.

Take your advocacy to the next level by booking a Kiss the Ground Speaker for various events, including:

  • Kiss the Ground Film Screening Q&A’s
  • Panels (panel moderation or participating panelist)
  • Webinars
  • Keynote Speaking Engagements
  • Presentations (conferences, team meetings, employee education)
  • KTG Workshops
  • Podcast Guest

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Kiss the Ground’s public speaking presentations are created with the intent of educating, inspiring and sharing a greater depth of knowledge around a specific theme within the regenerative movement.

Presentations generally range from 30 – 60 minutes in length.

Keynote speaking engagements range from 15 – 40 minutes. These presentations may entail a powerpoint, and a considerable amount of preparation time by the KTG panelist.

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Public Speaking Presentation Topics (Keynote, Lectures & Talks)

  • Becoming an Empowered Soil Advocate
  • Regeneration vs. Sustainability
  • Why Building Healthy Soil Solves Everything
  • Regenerative Agriculture: The Biggest Solution
  • We Can Do This! How we can solve the climate, water, food, and human health crises
  • Messaging for the Movement

Book a Q&A

Kiss the Ground’s live Q&A’s are meant to engage, educate, inspire, and empower action from audience members within the Regenerative Movement.

A Q&A generally coincides with a screening of the film, Kiss the Ground. A panelist from KTG engages with a moderator and the audience in a live conversation in which questions based on the film are asked and an interactive conversation ensues.

With an ideal timeframe of 45 to 60 minutes, these sessions do not include a powerpoint or presentation and are an interactive, dynamic and educational conversation.

You can learn more about how to host your own screening here.

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KTG Workshops

Our workshops dive into communication strategies that make the case for regenerative agriculture and soil health. Each offering is highly interactive and designed to equip anyone – farmers, college students, professionals, agency staff, government officials, top business leaders, influencers – with the tools needed to more fully understand, and become empowered to advocate for, the concepts and ideas of soil health and regenerative farming. 

These are offered as half-day (4.5 hr) or full-day (7 hr) experiences for audience sizes of 15-150. These events are available in-person or remotely. We facilitate online workshops through Zoom.

Focus areas of our workshops include: 

  • balancing the climate
  • biodiversity
  • composting
  • desertification & fresh water sources
  • farmer prosperity
  • food security
  • how healthy soil is built
  • human health & food nutrients
  • marketing & branding for regenerative brands & supply chains
  • regenerative agriculture
  • risk mitigation
  • rural poverty
  • taking action & advocating for soil
  • the big picture
  • urban food deserts
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Media Inquiries

Our team is also available for the following media opportunities

  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Radio & other Live Broadcast Appearance
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Our Speakers

KTG Co-Founder,
Executive Director

Speaking Topics

  • Kiss the Ground (background, story, etc.)
  • Kiss the Ground the Movie
  • What is Regenerative Agriculture?
  • Soil Solution for Climate Problem
  • Soil science; how rebuilding soil & soil regeneration happens
  • Transformational Storytelling
  • Soil Advocacy – building a regenerative movement
  • Regeneration versus Sustainability
  • Veganism and Plant Based Diets Vs. Regenerative Agriculture Diet
  • Sacred Commerce – Transformation at work
  • Building Community Around Big Ideas
KTG Co-Founder,
Policy Director & Lead Educator

Speaking Topics

  • Kiss the Ground (background, story, etc.)
  • Regenerative Agriculture in general + Why it is the biggest solution
  • Soil science; how rebuilding soil & soil regeneration happens
  • Soil Policy (local, state, federal, international)
  • Soil science / how rebuilding soil / soil regeneration happens
  • Climate Change
  • What is regenerative agriculture?
  • Soil Advocacy (empowering audiences to become empowered to use their voice)
  • Regeneration versus Sustainability
  • How rebuilding soil can solve: Climate, Water security, Food security, Human health, Biodiversity
  • Messaging for the movement
  • Media Creation
  • Kiss the Ground the Movie
  • Brands involved
  • Certifications
KTG Founding Member,
VP of Program Operations

Speaking Topics

  • Students / Children
  • Teachers / parents
  • Schools / Education
  • Equity / Inclusivity in Farming
  • Regeneration as a concept
  • Tending to life / Soil
KTG Educator &
Soil Health Expert

Speaking Topics

  • Garden Groups
  • Farming Groups
  • Soil Science
  • What’s wrong with sustainability
  • What is soil
  • How the soil building system works
  • The principles & power of Regenerative Agriculture
  • The connection between human health and soil health
  • The power of microbes, healthy plants are resistant to pests and diseases
  • The importance of the small water cycle
  • The water cycle, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, water infiltration, erosion, & what can you do
  • Compost, vermicompost
  • Scaling up Regen Ag, is it profitable
KTG Development

Speaking Topics

  • Nutritional aspects of regen. food
  • How regenerative agriculture creates food security and nutrient dense foods
KTG Policy

Speaking Topics

  • Agriculture and nutrition policy — federal, state, local
  • Regenerate America Coalition
  • Developing local & regional food systems
  • Food system networks
  • Food systems planning
  • Farm to school
  • Agritourism
  • Food is Medicine
KTG Farmland
Program Director

Speaking Topics

  • Farmer Training & education
  • Barriers for farmers and ranchers
  • Soil health, Farming practices/techniques, Diversity in farming communities
  • Funding opportunities
  • Federal and state programs for farmers and ranchers
Policy & Partnerships

Speaking Topics

  • Opportunities in Federal Policy
  • Soil health and regenerative agriculture policy
  • Lessons for the 2023 farm bill
  • Regenerate America
  • Risk & resilience in agriculture
  • Economic incentives for farmers
  • Risk mitigation and the impact on ag lending and crop insurance
  • Funding the transition to regenerative ag/soil health
  • Soil health modeling using geospatial (remotely sensed) data, and the economic benefits of soil health practices
Policy & Comms Consultant,
KTG & Regenerate America

Speaking Topics

  • Regenerate America, soil health/regen ag policy
  • Federal Crop Insurance; Funding regen ag/soil health transition
  • Soil health’s role in risk mitigation for ag finance and insurance
  • MRV landscape for Regen ag and carbon markets…
  • And any broad regenerative ag/soil health’s movement landscape analysis

Speaking Topics

  • Environmental history; how we got here
  • Regenerative Ag. basics
  • Can speak to groups such as: Yoga groups, business groups, general interest groups