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Kiss the Ground creates educational experiences and shares knowledge about regenerative agriculture.

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Meet the Speakers

The most common question we get when it comes to farmers looking to transition to regenerative agriculture is: where do I start? Kiss the Ground, with the help of many other organizations and individuals, has curated this guide to answer this question and provide information for farmers, ranchers, and land stewards transitioning to regenerative agriculture.

Ryland Engelhart

Kiss the Ground Co-Founder, Executive Director

Ryland Engelhart is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Kiss the Ground, and Producer of Kiss The Ground the Movie on Netflix. He is a catalyst of possibility with an infectious passion for life. Prior to Kiss the Ground, Ryland worked as an entrepreneur and love-activist within the hospitality industry, building his family business of organic plant-based restaurants, Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre in Southern CA. He co-created the award-winning, transformational documentary film, “May I Be Frank.” As a public speaker and community organizer, Ryland works to inspire more “love & gratitude” in his work and as the host of Kiss the Ground’s Podcast. Ryland is a husband and father and lives on a 17-acre regenerative farm in Fillmore, CA where he learns to practice what he preaches.

Speaking Topics:

  • Kiss the Ground (background, story, etc.)
  • Kiss the Ground the Movie
  • What is Regenerative Agriculture?
  • Soil Solution for Climate Problem
  • Soil science; how rebuilding soil & soil regeneration happens
  • Transformational Storytelling
  • Soil Advocacy – building a regenerative movement
  • Regeneration versus Sustainability
  • Veganism and Plant Based Diets Vs. Regenerative Agriculture Diet
  • Sacred Commerce – Transformation at work
  • Building Community Around Big Ideas

Finian Makepeace

Kiss the Ground Co-Founder, Policy Director & Lead Educator

Finian Makepeace is the co-founder of Kiss the Ground and a renowned presenter, media creator, and thought leader in the field of regenerative agriculture and soil health. His dedication to Kiss the Ground’s mission of “inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil”, has motivated him to develop training programs, workshops, and talks designed to empower people around the world to become confident advocates for this growing movement.

  • Kiss the Ground (background, story, etc.)
  • Regenerative Agriculture in general + Why it is the biggest solution
  • Soil science; how rebuilding soil & soil regeneration happens
  • Soil Policy (local, state, federal, international)
  • Soil science/how rebuilding soil/ soil regeneration happens
  • Climate Change
  • What is regenerative agriculture?
  • Soil Advocacy (empowering audiences to become empowered to use their voice)
  • Regeneration versus Sustainability
  • How rebuilding soil can solve
    • Climate
    • Water security
    • Food security
    • Human health
    • Biodiversity
  • Messaging for the movement
  • Media Creation
  • Kiss the Ground the Movie
  • Brands involved
  • Certifications

Karen Rodriguez

VP of Operations & Kiss the Ground Educator

Karen Rodriguez is a Guatemalan woman raised in Venice Beach. She is a food lover who got her food education in kitchens of great restaurants in Southern California and a few in NYC, where she served with opening teams, serving and managing and occasionally cooking. Her love of the culinary arts led her on the journey to learn an incredible amount from chefs, farmers and all of the people connected to our food. She loves to connect with nature through, healing herbs, and gardens and is always excited to share a meal and feed loved ones. Following the thread of where our food comes from has made her passionate about teaching children and the adults who teach children about tending to our soil and our earth because that is where all food begins. She is excited about regeneration and supporting healthy humanity, through food education, regenerating soils, restoring systems and kissing the ground.
  • Students/ Children
  • Teachers / parents
  • Schools/ Education
  • Equity / Inclusivity in Farming
  • Regeneration as a concept
  • Tending to life / Soil

Don Smith

Kiss the Ground Educator & Soil Health Expert

Don is a speaker, teacher, and student of regenerative agriculture and regenerative lifestyles. His talks are engaging, inspiring, and filled with viable solutions to the world’s largest problems. In addition to speaking, Don helps Kiss the Ground with editing, technical details, and infographics promoting soil as a solution to climate change.

  • Garden Groups
  • Farming Groups
  • Soil Science
  • What’s wrong with sustainability
  • What is soil
  • How the soil building system works
  • The principles & power of Regenerative Agriculture
  • The connection between human health and soil health
  • The power of microbes, healthy plants are resistant to pests and diseases
  • The importance of the small water cycle
  • The water cycle, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, water infiltration, erosion, & what can you do
  • Compost, vermicompost
  • Scaling up Regen Ag, is it profitable