Find community, learn about food justice, and make a positive impact by joining us for an incredible Born Botanical Permaculture Action Day at Majestic View Farm on June 8th, 2019.

Following Bassnectar’s Freestyle Sessions at 1ST Bank Center and Michael Franti’s Red Rocks show, our friends will be convening an amazing group of people to build garden beds, lay irrigation lines, implement regenerative systems, and support the transformation of Frontline Farming’s newest 2-acre farm site (Majestic View Farm) in North Denver into an urban garden oasis.

Attend workshops, engage with hands-on projects, listen to music, and enjoy delicious, organic food at this FREE event. It’s time to take action together and plant the seeds for a better world. The event will run from 10 AM – 5 PM on Saturday, June 8th. Meet new friends, discover new tools and perspectives, and create lasting and important change within our community.

About Permaculture Action Network

The Permaculture Action Network organizes Permaculture Action Days around the country to catalyze social change and ecological regeneration. This powerful group unites audiences from concerts and music events around the shared mission to build and create projects like urban farms, community gardens, food forests, and natural buildings in their communities.

Situated at the intersection of art, music, and regenerative culture, Permaculture Action Network offers people a pathway for taking action locally, while empowering communities, connecting with educators, community organizers, grassroots projects, and performance artists, and helping to build a more regenerative and just world.

Click here to join the Permaculture Action Network and use direct action to bring community and sustainability to the center of society’s cultural narrative.


About Frontline Farming

Frontline Farming is striving to make Colorado a stronger and more just food system by growing sustainable, local food in the Front Range Area and providing fresh produce to people of all income levels. Created by a dedicated group of activists, educators, farmers, and artists, Frontline Farming is building food resilience, empowering local communities, and providing avenues for policy change that address the issues of food access and institutional barriers to healthy food. Educating food producers on sustainable organic farming practices, Frontline Farming is leading the drive to make Colorado a stronger and more just food system.  

A few of Frontline Farming initiatives:

  • Donating a quarter of the produce grown on all Frontline Farming’s urban farms to social service organizations (and back into the community) through Healing Foods.
  • Providing a weekly package of fresh produce to the doors of twenty individuals dealing with extreme illness, in partnership with Denver Health.
  • Organizing and staffing pay-what-you-can farm stands to serve underprivileged community members
  • Hosting no cost grocery stores on Frontline Farms once a week to address the most food insecure people in the community
  • Collaborating with over 10 local restaurants to bring local, organic produce to tables around the community
  • Supporting a 50 person CSA in North Denver and beyond

Learn more about Frontline Farming here.


About Majestic View Farm

The site of the Born Botanical Permaculture Action Day on June 8th is Majestic View Farm, a 2-acre plot adjacent to the Majestic View Nature Center in Arvada, Colorado. In January of 2019, the farm was awarded to Frontline Farming by the Majestic View Nature Center and the City of Arvada. Today, Majestic View Farm hosts monthly volunteer events and an educational class series. It houses beehives and a chicken coop, and its growth is helping to provide the surrounding Arvada community with nutritious, organically grown vegetables and herbs.

Join us at Majestic View Farm on June 8th for the Born Botanical Action Dayand help us serve the greater urban area by uplifting this keystone community garden.

Photo: ©SilkyShots2019