Brand Guidelines

Welcome and thank you for being a Kiss the Ground Partner! 

Easy and direct access to key assets like logos, guidelines and speaker photos. 


We grant you permission to use our brand guidelines, logos, press releases, and executive photos for the purpose of promoting our partnership. A few things we ask that you keep in mind:

  • Please always use our brand assets in a way consistent with our brand + partnership guidelines.
  • We ask that you do not use our brand assets in a way that is misleading, deceptive, or offensive.
  • Also, do not use our brand assets to promote products or services that are not affiliated with us.
  • Please do not use our brand assets in a way that implies endorsement by us of your products or services.

Kiss the Ground Logo

We maintain three approved logo styles. When using, please allow plenty of clear space around the logo, and do not distort, recolor, or alter the logo in any way.

Brand Guidelines

Please download our brand guidelines to learn more specifics about our brand mission, voice, logos, typography, and color palette. 

Speaker + Press Photos

Photos for Press and Speaker Series Use.


Ryland Engelhart


Finian Makepeace


Anthem Video

This video and an associated campaign will be released in Q1 2024. Please do not share the video without approval. 

Video Intro & Outro

Use the approved Kiss the Ground Intro and Outro cards for all video partnerships. Learn more in our Brand Guidelines. 

Current Stories

Contact Information

Nathan Rice for Press Inquires
Gabrielle Lanzoni for Partnership Inquiries

Expires June 19th!