Christina Skonberg Is On a Mission

Farming, agriculture, livestock and crops

Can business be a force for good? Christina Skonberg is on a mission to see that it can. Learn more from General Mill’s’ Senior Sustainability Analyst about how one of the world’s largest and most successful companies is approaching regenerative agriculture. Kiss the Ground: In a few sentences or less, how would you describe your […]

A Case Study: Guayaki


One of the most inspiring parts about the regenerative movement is just how many incredible partners are involved in helping to elevate farmers and ranchers, grow soil, and balance the climate. Guayaki has long been a revolutionary in the food and beverage space–supporting smallholder producers, incentivizing rainforest protection, and creating a powerful network of artists […]

A Regenerative Buzz With Our Friends from Guayakí Yerba Mate

yerba mate

“Reach deep into yerba mate culture and you’ll discover people have long gathered to imbibe mate to awaken the mind, perform extraordinary feats and to exchange confidences. Even Yari, the mythical goddess of mate decrees it the symbol of friendship. We’ve always believed there was a magical tree in the rainforest with powers to unite […]

Sourcing Matters Podcast: The Recipe For A Regenerative Future

Ryan and Jessie

In this episode of Sourcing Matters, host Aaron Niederhelman and Kiss the Ground’s Ryland Engelhart and Jesse Smith go deep into the current problems we are facing on the planet and discuss a new recipe for moving us forward towards a regenerative future. LISTEN NOW

Realizing Regeneration: An Interview with Kiss the Ground’s Jesse Smith on Medium

holding dry soil

Over the past 150 years, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has increased by 30%, the effect of which, scientists believe, is rising global temperatures. Soils contain approximately 75% of the carbon pool on land and therefore play a major role in maintaining a balanced global carbon cycle. But industrial agriculture practices have dramatically […]

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