a group of men standing next to each other in a field.

A Kiss the Ground Farmland Program member Nuss Farms is a 5th-generation family farm run by father Dave Nuss and his three sons Derek, Tim, and Tyler. The family has been farming conventionally in the San Joaquin Valley for nearly 50 years. While Lodi is known for its vineyards and orchards, the Nuss family is […]

Kandarian Organic Farms

Photo Credit: Delia Hitz

A Kiss the Ground Farmland Program member This month we’re featuring veteran organic farmer, Larry Kandarian, of Kandarian Organic Farms. Larry is a mainstay at many of the best farmers’ markets in Southern California, and is well known for his ancient varieties of wheat and legumes.  After serving in the army, Larry graduated from Fresno […]

Jungle Project – Dedicated to the Trees

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● TREES: Planting traditional crops of high value potential, creating breadfruit based agro-forests. ● TRAINING: Sharing best practices with farmers to optimize resilience, production, and sustainability. ● TRADE: Creating a reliable supply web between farmers and customers, plus an attractive rate of return for investors and collaborators. Breadfruit Environmental Benefits Breadfruit is a key part […]

Regenerative Urban Farming

a woman standing in a garden holding a frisbee.

A Kiss the Ground Farmland Program member This month we’re excited to feature Starr Brainard of Saltless Sea Urban Farm! Starr farms on half an acre in her backyard, in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Duluth, Minnesota. She purchased her house four years ago, and has been actively farming for three years. Due to Minnesota’s […]

Chaco Empoderado, part 2: Juan Pedro Borrelli

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We’re pleased to introduce our audience to our Spanish-language regenerative training courses, and the people behind our partnership who offer these courses: Guido Lois, former Kiss the Ground photographer and founder of Diez Mil Anos, and Juan Pedro Borrelli, course designer at Escuela de Regeneracion, a Savory hub in Argentina. Please read on in Part […]

Chaco Empoderado, part 1: Guido Lois

a man in a green shirt smiling at the camera.

What was your path to regenerative? I was born into a family linked to the countryside and food production. My father has had every possible job in the industry, from the farm to the table, so my first contact with agriculture began when I was very young. Going to the fields with my father in […]

How Regenerative Almonds are used in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

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A Kiss the Ground Farmland Program member Local to Southern California? You may be familiar with Fat Uncle Farms’ delicious flavored, roasted almonds, a fan favorite at farmer’s markets from Santa Barbara down to Los Angeles. The exceptionally crunchy almonds are flavored with herbs and spices like rosemary and sea salt, or cinnamon with a […]

Be Love Farm

be love farm buildings and hills

Be Love Farm, owned by Matthew Engelhart and his wife Terces, is located in Vacaville, in Solano County, California. Though tucked in the Sacramento Valley, Vacaville is close enough to the San Francisco Bay Area that the farm is able to supply food to the Engelharts’ San Francisco restaurant, Gracias Madre, their long-standing restaurant in […]

Compost vs. Fertilizer, What are the Differences?

fertile soil with plants growing out of it

By Jennifer Ho A common question among growers is: what is the difference between compost and fertilizer? How can I best deliver the necessary nutrients? Will yields be affected? Do I need both, one, or the other? These questions have become even more significant with the recent surge in fertilizer prices driven by the worldwide […]

Duvarita Vineyard

duvarita vineyard sheep

Duvarita Vineyard, owned by Brook Williams, is located in Lompoc, CA, about ten miles from the Pacific Ocean. The coastal, foggy climate is perfect for pinot noir, chardonnay, syrah, and grenache grapes. Duvarita’s grapes are distinct to the terroir of the land, and are notorious for their salty, saline, mineral, and wild fruit-like character. The […]

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