Announcing Kiss The Ground Cotton

Citizens of Humanity Group and Kiss the Ground partner to create “​​Kiss The Ground Cotton,” taking an innovative approach to promoting Regenerative Agriculture.


Nuss Farms is a 5th-generation family farm run by father Dave Nuss and his three sons Derek, Tim, and Tyler. The family has been farming conventionally in the San Joaquin Valley for nearly 50 years. While Lodi is known for its vineyards and orchards, the Nuss family is experimenting with regenerative farming techniques and growing annual vegetable specialty crops in the California delta.

Kandarian Organic Farms

Photo Credit: Delia Hitz

Larry Kandarian, of Kandarian Organic Farms, is a mainstay at many of the best farmers’ markets in Southern California, and is well known for his ancient varieties of wheat and legumes.

Regenerative Urban Farming

Regenerative farming can be done on a small scale in an urban backyard. Learn more about how Starr from Saltless Sea shifted to full time farming.

Chaco Empoderado, part 2: Juan Pedro Borrelli

We’re pleased to introduce our audience to our Spanish-language regenerative training courses, and the people behind our partnership who offer these courses: Guido Lois, former Kiss the Ground photographer and founder of Diez Mil Anos, and Juan Pedro Borrelli, course designer at Escuela de Regeneracion, a Savory hub in Argentina. Please read on in Part […]

Chaco Empoderado, part 1: Guido Lois

What was your path to regenerative? I was born into a family linked to the countryside and food production. My father has had every possible job in the industry, from the farm to the table, so my first contact with agriculture began when I was very young. Going to the fields with my father in […]

How Regenerative Almonds are used in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

It’s truly inspiring to see the evolution of Fat Uncle Farms and to hope that more companies like Ben & Jerry’s will support transitioning their supply chain to a regenerative model that supports the land and the people indigenous to that land. 

Be Love Farm

be love farm buildings and hills

This month we’re featuring Be Love Farm in Vacaville, California, and Matthew Rose Stark, Be Love’s former Livestock and Orchard Manager.

Duvarita Vineyard

duvarita vineyard sheep

Brook Williams — the owner of Duravita Vineyard located in coastal Lompoc, CA — has worked in wineries since 1989, and decided to try life on the other side of the wine cellar – “in the dirt,” as he says – when he and his siblings bought the Duvarita property in 2012.

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