How Breakdowns Can Lead to Breakthroughs with Paul Hawken

Episode 6 of “We Can Do This,” Kiss the Ground’s Weekly Podcast, Kiss the Ground’s Co-Founders, Ryland Engelhart and Finian Makepeace welcome friend and advisor Paul Hawken to discuss how breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs on this special 50th anniversary of Earth Day conversation.

Earth Day 2020

earth day 2020

On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day we have put together conversations, resources and ways to connect that we hope will best serve our community. We hope you’ll join us as we honor Mother Earth and the opportunity to continue to come together to create a new world where all life is thriving. 

Solutions may be nearer than you think.

Now is the time for regenerative approaches. The key is to replace systems of efficiency with systems of resilience. In fact, natural ecosystems have evolved these tried and true methods over billions of years. It all stems from diversity and teamwork: the more diverse the ecosystem, the more species evolve together to build collective resilience to its disruption. So how can we diversify our own relationships to build a more resilient global community?

The World Our Hearts Know is Possible – Charles Eisenstein Podcast

On episode 5 of KTG Live Podcasts, Kiss the Ground Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ryland Engelhart welcomes author, philosopher and advisor, Charles Eisenstein to talk about the possibility that arises for ourselves, the Earth and all of humanity when we encourage our heart to lead the way.

The Return of the Victory Garden

three photos of victory gardens

On episode 4 of KTG Live Podcasts, Finian Makepeace hosts long time friends of Kiss the Ground and Earth Activists, Rosario Dawson & Adrian Grenier. We dive into the resurgence of “The Victory Garden,” composting, what you can do right now to integrate regenerative practices into your life, and how to empower yourself as a soil advocate.

Our most popular resources

From gardening tips to a soil health curriculum for your little ones, we’ve gathered up some of our community’s favorite resources to support you with hopeful, optimistic solutions for planetary/individual health, collective healing, and science-backed hope.

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