Be Love Farm

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This month we’re featuring Be Love Farm in Vacaville, California, and Matthew Rose Stark, Be Love’s former Livestock and Orchard Manager.

Duvarita Vineyard

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Brook Williams — the owner of Duravita Vineyard located in coastal Lompoc, CA — has worked in wineries since 1989, and decided to try life on the other side of the wine cellar – “in the dirt,” as he says – when he and his siblings bought the Duvarita property in 2012.

The 7 R’s of Regeneration

“As an alumni soil advocate from Kiss the Ground, it inspired me to write my book, @regenerateyourreality and continue expanding the @JungleProjectCR mission all about Trees, Training, and Trade. I have felt called to environmentalism since a young age. In 2017, I moved to Costa Rica to follow my passion for nature, permaculture, agroforestry, and community. Now I am teaching soil advocacy to children and activated a monthly webinar series about regeneration in every – way. I believe we can be part of the solution to the climate crisis, and that we all can play our part by living regeneration and coming back to our essence of love.” –
— Jean Pullen


For more than 25 years Veramonte has been recognized in Chile and worldwide for the consistent quality of its wines.

Medicine Creek Farm

Up until 10 years ago Hannah Bernhardt never imagined returning to industrial agriculture, the industry she grew up in. But in 2016, after learning about regenerative agriculture, Hannah and her now-partner Jason purchased 160 acres of land with the intention of building healthy soil to improve the environment, today’s Medicine Creek Farm.

How to Compost at Home

compost at home

Waste is a human invention. We are the ONLY creatures on earth that don’t live a zero waste existence. THE RESULT? Over 60 billion pounds of mineral-rich food materials unnecessarily go to landfills each year in the U.S. alone.
Become a composting household and divert your family’s food waste from a landfill into compost; which will not only supercharge your garden, it can help reverse climate change.

Cuyama Lamb

“Our mission is rooted in the ambitious and idealistic hope that we can learn through engagement, observation, and our dedicated lifetimes to become active participants in the stewardship and regeneration of native ecosystems, watersheds, and human life ways.”

Avenue 33 Farm

In the foothills of Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, one might expect to see couples walking down Griffin Avenue and enjoying lunch from the local taco stand or teens skating down Broadway, so Ali Greer and Eric Tomassini tending to a hillside filled with edible greenery can be an unexpected sight.

With Deep Gratitude

Like a diverse ecosystem, this moment is made possible from the collective hands, hearts and creative minds of each volunteer, staff member, advisor, funder, mentor, board member, student, friend, and family member.

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