For more than 25 years Veramonte has been recognized in Chile and worldwide for the consistent quality of its wines.

Medicine Creek Farm

Up until 10 years ago Hannah Bernhardt never imagined returning to industrial agriculture, the industry she grew up in. But in 2016, after learning about regenerative agriculture, Hannah and her now-partner Jason purchased 160 acres of land with the intention of building healthy soil to improve the environment, today’s Medicine Creek Farm.

Farming in California

Meet Anderson Cattle Ranch, home to 5th and 6th generation farmers from California. If you want to know dry climate farming, talk to Neil Anderson first. You can’t farm well without two things: Water and hope, and right now Neil has plenty of the latter.

Monegros, Cómo regenerar un desierto

Sergio Alierta and Manel Badía tell the story of how, despite a low budget, they were able to use planning and strategic design to turn an eroded estate – with no soil cover and considerable carcasses – into a grazing prairie.

Raising a Regenerative Family

Ryland Engelhart welcomes wildlife tracker, regenerative rancher, speaker, and author of Dawn Again, Doniga Markegard for a conversation about ‘Raising a Regenerative Family.’

Bring the Abundance of Local Regenerative Farms to Your Home

women sitting with green background

Southern California’s Sow a Heart and Ayala Farms have teamed up to offer weekly CSA boxes filled with freshly picked fruits and vegetables from their small regenerative farms. They are also donating $1 to Kiss the Ground to support our mission to inspire participation in soil regeneration.

How Breakdowns Can Lead to Breakthroughs with Paul Hawken

Episode 6 of “We Can Do This,” Kiss the Ground’s Weekly Podcast, Kiss the Ground’s Co-Founders, Ryland Engelhart and Finian Makepeace welcome friend and advisor Paul Hawken to discuss how breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs on this special 50th anniversary of Earth Day conversation.

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