Solutions may be nearer than you think.

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Guest post by Dr. Nathan Walworth, Chief Scientific Officer at Asha Apothecary The fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day arrived during uncertain times this year as the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) rapidly proliferates across our planet. In a matter of weeks, governments around the world have taken drastic actions to limit its spread with citywide lockdowns […]

The World Our Hearts Know is Possible – Charles Eisenstein Podcast

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KTG Live Podcasts Ep. 5: Charles Eisenstein On episode 5 of KTG Live Podcasts, Kiss the Ground Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ryland Engelhart welcomes author, philosopher and advisor, Charles Einstein to talk about the possibility that arises for ourselves, the Earth and all of humanity when we encourage our heart to lead the way.  “Covid-19 […]

Soil for Kids! Soil Health Education Workshop

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Kiss the Ground Welcomes Captain Planet Foundation – Parents, Educators, and All Ages Welcome Kiss the Ground’s Jessica Handy and Karen Rodriguez host Courtney Kimmel, Vice President of Captain Planet Foundation to celebrate the launch of Soil Quest. This new educational platform is designed to teach young people how to become a hero for their […]

Every hour is a happy hour when we choose our planet


New!! KTG x Boochcraft ? A partnership born out of mutual love, gratitude, and active support for farmers and ranchers around the globe. ⁣ Our friends at Boochcraft developed this new HEIRLOOM KIWI hard kombucha in support of Kiss the Ground’s Farmland Program and Wild River Fruit – the family farm nestled in Northern California where every […]

The Return of the Victory Garden

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New KTG Live Podcasts: Tune In Every Wednesday KTG Live Podcasts: Rosario Dawson & Adrian Grenier On episode 4 of KTG Live Podcasts, Finian Makepeace hosts long time friends of Kiss the Ground and Earth Activists, Rosario Dawson & Adrian Grenier. We dive into the resurgence of “The Victory Garden,” composting (Adrian and Rosario star […]

Healing Through Gardening

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Kiss the Ground We Can Do This Podcast Dr. Vandana Shiva & Farmer Rishi discuss healing through gardening, why our connection to soil and plants matters and so many other inspiring topics. About Dr. Vandana Shiva Dr. Vandana Shiva is an Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author. Shiva, currently […]

Resiliency: From the farm to the community, to ourselves

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KTG Live Podcasts: Dr. Mark Hyman – REPLAY This episode of KTG Live Podcasts features Dr. Mark Hyman & Kiss the Ground’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ryland Engelhart. In this insightful discussion, we dive into the topic of resiliency, from the farm to the community, to ourselves. Please join our email list to stay updated on […]

Our most popular resources

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Last Updated: Sunday, March 22, 2020  From gardening and composting tips to free soil health education for your little ones, we’ve gathered up some of our most popular resources (according to our community) to support you with optimistic solutions for planetary/individual health, collective healing, and science-backed hope. We’ll continue to add to this list so […]

There has never been a better time to cultivate a relationship with the natural world

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Dear Friends, Keep love, gratitude and your community in your heart. Keep your feet on the ground. If you can, literally take your shoes off and feel the Earth. Start a garden. Plant something beautiful today. Continue to build a resilient mindset. Breathe. Breathe again. Be grateful for the resources you have. Share. Bring light to the things […]

Forest Bathing: The only destination is where you are


By Hana Lee Goldin Picture this: you’re out somewhere in the woods. Maybe you’re with others, or maybe you’re alone. You feel the coolness of the air on your skin, and the chirping of birdsong in the branches; you smell the unmistakable scent of trees. You see at least ten different shades of green all around […]

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