Ensure Your Neighborhood Is Non-Toxic

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DID YOU KNOW? ―Section 9101 of the House Farm Bill would block local control to protect children from harmful pesticides. TAKE ACTION: 1. Please watch and share this video. 2. DOWNLOAD THE 9101 TOOL KIT courtesy of Non-Toxic Neighborhoods. 3. Contact your local representatives to have them remove Section 9101 from the Farm Bill. 4. […]

The Soil Story Curriculum

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Our goal is to increase soil health literacy for children, teens, and adults around the world. Free Middle School Curriculum Download The 5-lesson curriculum, written to serve as supplemental material for the Next Generation Science Standards, teaches about the carbon cycle, photosynthesis, soil science, various agricultural practices, and concludes with a regenerative soil-based project. Our […]

How Does Planned Grazing Impact the Earth?


Planned grazing refers to the process of moving livestock from pasture to pasture at the right time—allowing the animals to fertilize the land, disturb and aerate the soil slightly, and actually trigger plants to come back with stronger growth, but moving them before they trample the land or begin to eat too close to the […]

A Closer Look: Regenerative Agriculture Practices

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Soil health determines plant health, animal health, human health, ecosystem health, and even the health of the economy – we can’t say this enough! Unfortunately, most of our farming practices damage the health of the soil over time and create serious problems for humanity. In order to sort out our issues, we must admit to […]

An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture

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To Regenerate, By Definition “Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. It aims to capture carbon in the soil and aboveground biomass (plants), reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation and climate change. At the same time, it offers increased yields, […]

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