Kiss The Ground’s New Study Reveals Only 4% of US Adults Understand the Significance of Regenerative Agriculture

Kiss the Ground aims to achieve threefold growth through collaboration with high-visibility brands, influencers, and organizations. Kiss the Ground, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness for regeneration, has released a new study that shows a tremendous opportunity for growth in the regenerative movement. The study found that while 20% of US adults are […]


Kiss the Ground, a nonprofit and leading voice for the regenerative movement, partnered up with Woody Harrelson, actor and star of Kiss the Ground the film, for a policy briefing with members of Congress and staff. Hosted by Representatives Angie Craig and Dean Phillips of Minnesota, with opening remarks from Representative Jim Baird of Indiana, the […]

Kiss the Ground Launches Possibilities of Regeneration

Kiss the Ground Explores the Indigenous Origins of Regenerative Agriculture in Animated Short Film Narrated by Lyla June Johnston   Kiss the Ground, a ten-year-old environmental non-profit leading voice in bringing awareness to regeneration through its storytelling, education, and advocacy, is excited to announce the launch of its newest slate of Premium and Short form […]

Kiss the Ground Regenerating Communities Grants

Seven distinct projects will help a diverse array of farmers and ranchers grow their regenerative agriculture practices improving soil health, water quality, human health, and local communities

Chaco Empoderado, part 2: Juan Pedro Borrelli

We’re pleased to introduce our audience to our Spanish-language regenerative training courses, and the people behind our partnership who offer these courses: Guido Lois, former Kiss the Ground photographer and founder of Diez Mil Anos, and Juan Pedro Borrelli, course designer at Escuela de Regeneracion, a Savory hub in Argentina. Please read on in Part […]

Chaco Empoderado, part 1: Guido Lois

What was your path to regenerative? I was born into a family linked to the countryside and food production. My father has had every possible job in the industry, from the farm to the table, so my first contact with agriculture began when I was very young. Going to the fields with my father in […]

Baby Root Farm

This month our farmer feature shows how Baby Root Farm, a member of the McGrath Family Farmers Collective, began its transition to regenerative, and found partners and a community along the way.

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