Common Ground Film

Common Ground, the follow-up to the Kiss the Ground Film, explores the ways politics, power, and money contribute to the current food system and reveals how unjust practices forged our current farm system in which farmers are literally dying to feed us. The film profiles a hopeful and uplifting movement of farmers who are using alternative regenerative models of agriculture that could balance the wellness, water, and climate crisis – before it’s too late.


Saving the planet, one acre at a time.

The 2020 documentary Kiss the Ground was inspired by our work in the regenerative movement, which began back in 2013.

As the proud impact partner of Common Ground, we are honored to have collaborated on both documentaries with Josh and Rebecca Tickell and the team at Big Picture Ranch, through connecting them with some of the movement’s most respected experts, as well as providing information and resources to create these extraordinary, thought-provoking films.

Join the movement and see Common Ground at a theater near you to witness one of the most pivotal films of our generation!

Common Ground aims to rally the transition of 100M acres of US land to regenerative by tripling the reach and impact of our first film.

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Common Ground Film

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