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John Parziale

Common Ground | Kauai, HI

1. What is unique about where you live?

Hawaii is the most isolated island chain on the planet. It puts a real emphasis on concepts like resilience and food security; in remote places like Kauai, we need to focus on production systems that don’t require inputs that are being shipped from thousands of miles overseas.

2. When did you realize soil was something you grew on your farm?

From the very beginning. However, my work in microbiology and viewing soil under a microscope changed my understanding of the living matrix.

3. WHAT do you wish people knew about famring?

That it is the most destructive human activity on the planet. It is the biggest threat to biodiversity, freshwater, and the climate. But because of its scope and scale, it also offers incredible opportunity for restoration.

4. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

QI Gong practice. It helps me find some balance and meditate without sitting still!

5. What would you say to your younger self now? 

Plant more trees! They will be growing while you’re figuring everything else out.

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