Kiss the Ground: A Decade of Empowering the Regenerative Movement to Welcome Wave II

Inviting Partners to the Regenerative Movement

With gratitude, Kiss the Ground extends our sincere appreciation to Compass Natural, a trailblazing media and marketing firm in the natural product arena, for graciously sharing the story of our decade-plus journey within the regenerative movement–and extending the excitement of this next Wave. Steven Hoffman’s insightful remarks reflect the shared enthusiasm for Wave II, a pivotal next chapter in this movement. The eye-opening 130% increase in companies adopting regenerative agriculture practices, highlighted by How Good’s research, underscores the collective impact we’ve achieved. 

Thank you, Compass Natural, for amplifying our message and inviting businesses to embark on this regenerative journey. 

Join us at Expo West for the screening of “Common Ground,” and let’s continue spreading the regenerative movement together. 


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