For every $100 donated to Kiss the Ground, we inspire and catalyze the transition of 10 acres into regenerative agriculture, working directly with farmers, consultants, and various partners.

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Our Collaboration

Kiss the Ground and Understanding Ag have maintained a long-standing relationship grounded in a shared commitment to regeneration and the practices of regenerative approaches.

Kiss the Ground has played a leading role in creating the Regenerative Agriculture Movement with our storytelling, education, and partnership. Understanding Ag has provided education and ‘on the ground’ consulting services to farmers who want to transition to regenerative practices.


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Kiss the Ground and Common Ground Films


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Through grants, scholarships, policy, education, and partnership, Kiss the Ground has directly and indirectly served farmers.

movements generate outcomes

Genuine change begins with awareness and leads to actions that create real outcomes. Kiss the Ground is an audience-supported nonprofit promoting regeneration and healthy soil as a viable solution for our wellness, water, and climate crisis. Since 2013, we’ve inspired millions to participate in the Regenerative Movement through storytelling, education, and partnerships.

Over the past three years, there has been a tremendous upswing of farmers and ranchers adopting regenerative agriculture practices. Kiss the Ground’s unique role as storytellers, connectors, advocators, and educators, especially relating to bringing awareness to farmer/rancher training groups like Understanding Ag, has been a significant contribution to this phenomenon.

Through Understanding Ag’s work on the ground, they have transitioned 34 million acres each year since 2020, and Kiss the Ground has played a pivotal role in reaching those numbers. As connectors in the movement, Kiss the Ground is credited with putting 6% or 2 million of those acres on the path towards regeneration.

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