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Donations and Memberships

Kiss the Ground, PO Box 515381 PMB 63508, Los Angeles, California 90051-6681

Please email [email protected] with details about your request. We will respond within one week.

Yes; all webinars are recorded and will be shared with members a few days after they air live. You can also visit the membership hub to find all archived webinars.

Farmland Program

Contact your local soil and water conservation district, State Department of Food and Agriculture, and/or college or university’s Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Natural Resource Programs.

Free Resources

Below are are the independently translated items. These are items made by other groups and shared with us. We listed the languages they are available in:

Below are assets we have produced on our own, with the help of the listed groups or individuals. 

The Soil Story In Spanish:

Download Here

Coming soon to our Resource Library:

If you wish to make a new translation of any of our items please email [email protected]

At this time, Kiss the Ground does not have plans to continue translating our resources/courses. Our mission is to awaken as many people as we can to the possibilities of regeneration and create a community that is accessible and available to all. However, as Kiss the Ground is currently in a stage of massive transition and growth and focusing our efforts on specific areas of impact, we do not currently have the capacity to continue working on any translating projects. 

While we appreciate the amazing people within our community who have volunteered to translate our course, we are not currently accepting translations from outside sources. 

Thank you for your understanding! If you’re interested in viewing our existing non-English language offerings, feel free to check out the resources that have already been translated in our resource library or above.

Kiss the Ground Book

Please click here or check your local bookstore or online booksellers.

Kiss the Ground Feature Film

The film is exclusively on Netflix now and will be coming soon to other platforms. The DVD is also available.

This is the Kiss the Ground Movie site for more updates

The film will be available to stream on Netflix starting on September 22nd and on Vimeo for $1 as well as coming soon to other platforms.

There is a cut available for teachers and schools here.

Yes! Please click here to receive info and toolkits that will provide you with everything you need to know to host your own screening or visit 

The Kiss the Ground DVDs are designed to be seen by people in all parts of the world regardless of internet signal, online service subscription or even power (after all, DVD players can run on batteries!) We included up to 25 language subtitle options on the DVD, so the message of Kiss the Ground can reach people everywhere. Visit our DVD page here.

Media Inquiries & Booking

Stewardship Program / Courses

For Alumni with courses purchased before September 22, 2020 – If you forgot your login and password, please reset it on  ( For SAT -You also now have access to the new course, if you need help logging in please contact us.)

If you purchased a course after September 22, 2020

If you forgot your login and password, please reset it on

For additional assistance, please email [email protected]

Soil Advocate Training is open for enrollment now to take at your own time and pace.

Enroll now

In addition to lifelong access to the evergreen (online) course material, the Live Cohort includes 9 weeks of 90-minute live group sessions, facilitated online by Finian Makepeace and Don Smith. These sessions – a welcome session and then one session for each of the 8 modules – address key topics, allow students to participate in practice sessions and exercises with other students, and feature live expert interviews, Q&A discussions, and much more. If you want to experience moving through the course with other advocates from around the world, we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity. 

The next Live Cohort is September 26 – November 24 2021 ( 9 weeks)

Wednesdays at 11:30 am PST


Scholarship applications for each course are opened to applicants starting from our course announcement, running through the end of the launch quarter, and then continually on a quarterly basis (Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec). Scholarships are funded on a rolling basis throughout their application period. Please note: we are a small but mighty team working on processing these applications, so it may be up to four weeks before you hear back from us.

For all other inquiries related to courses please email [email protected]