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Free Resources

Below are the independently translated items. These are items made by other groups and shared with us. We listed the languages they are available in:

Below are assets we have produced on our own, with the help of the listed groups or individuals. 

The Soil Story In Spanish:

Download Here

Coming soon to our Resource Library:

Thank you for your interest in bringing our work to new audiences! We appreciate your passion for this movement and for sharing the message of regeneration. At this time, we do not allow for translations of any work other than The Soil Story. If you’re interested in translations of the Soil Story, please email [email protected] to learn about the options and licensing requirements.

Kiss the Ground Feature Film

The Kiss The Ground Film is available on Netflix and on Vimeo for $1. Beginning in 2023, the Film will become available on other platforms.

There is a cut available for teachers and schools here.

There are three options for hosting a screening:

1. To host a screening, please go to Host a Screening on the Film’s website. Also, download our Build Your Own Screening kit on our Resources page.

2. For a large group/company, you’ll need to license the film from the film’s distributor. Please go to Host a Screening on the film’s website.

3. If you’d like to host a screening that includes a Q&A with a Kiss The Ground team member, fill out the ‘Book a Q&A’ form on our Book Us page.

Media Inquiries & Booking

Please fill out our Media Inquiry Form.

Please visit our Book Us page to learn more about our speakers and to fill out the Book a Speaker form.

Please fill out our Media Inquiry Form.

Education Program / Courses

For courses purchased before September 22, 2020: Please reset your password on Teachable, our former course platform. (Please note: This is our old platform. If you enrolled in Soil Advocate Training on Teachable, you now have access to the course on our new platform, Kajabi. If you need help getting started there, please email [email protected].)

For courses purchased after September 22, 2020: Log into your course on our education platform, Kajabi, and click “Forgot Your Password” to reset your login credentials.

For additional assistance, please email [email protected]

Soil Advocate Training is open for enrollment now to take at your own time and pace.

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