a group of men standing next to each other in a greenhouse.

Bob Jones Jr.

Farmer Jones Farm | Huron, OH

 1. Describe your favorite meal.

My favorite meal is a “summer supper.” I will call my wife just as I am picking fresh sweet corn in the field and ask her to start a pot of boiling water for the corn, fresh heirloom tomatoes and a good grass fed steak!

2. Who inspires you the most?

My inspiration came from and continues through my memories of his teaching me, my Dad. He was very progressive and actually got us started in our movement of Food as Medicine prior to his death in 2020. He initiated the “Farmacy at The Chef’s Garden” as he built an on farm lab to test soil, water and finished product for nutrient density. Our soils are our most important crop!

3. Describe your favorite place in nature.

In the midst of a cover crop field that is blooming with buckwheat and the monarch butterflies are everywhere, maybe even a flock of goldfinch enjoying the sunflowers!

4. who inspires you the most?

Dr. Skow taught me, for the first time, that the soil and its health was the foundation for all of life! His said ” I can teach you about the chemistry, biology, and physical structure of soil, however, unless you have a relationship with the Creator of it, you will never fully understand it.”

5. What is your legacy?

I hope that my legacy will be that my family continues to farm for several more generations and that our veggies are prescribed by physicians and paid for by insurance companies as true food as medicine! Our purpose on earth is to help people, we just happen to accomplish that via the vehicle of vegetables.

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