Regenerative Training Scholarships

We have partnered with leading training programs to offer on-demand courses that educate farmers and ranchers on soil building practices, adaptive grazing, and farm planning. Kiss the Ground collaborates with a diversity of groups and thought leaders, and we are always looking to partner with new and existing leaders in the movement.

“Our people are going back to the land to fight food security issues on the reservation, but also to target diet-related diseases. Taking care of our land through regenerative agriculture will create a healthy, sustainable environment that will last several generations. I want to be able to learn and implement practices on my farm but also to share the knowledge I learn with all tribal farmers.” 

David Anderson, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Kituwah Farm⁣

Through Regen Ag 101, the Soil Health Academy’s world-renowned teaching cadre will show you how to increase profitability, build resiliency into your land, decrease input costs, and improve the nutrient density and the marketability of the agricultural products you produce.

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The Regrarians REX Farm Planning Program® is a detailed and holistic process that brings together the contexts of an individual, their family, their team and their community with that of the climate and the landscape and region they’re operating in. The RP was created to determine the priority of different elements of agricultural landscape development, their respective permanence and the order in which we design and plan production landscapes and their associated enterprises.

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