Groundwork: A Testimony from Allen Williams


–A message we received today from farmer trainer, and soil hero Allen Williams–

Dear Finian and Lauren,

We had a great Field Day in Redwood Falls, MN last week. It was hosted by one of the farms I have been working with for the past several years. They have made incredible progress and have become completely sold on regenerative agriculture and are now huge advocates. We dug a soil pit to show the farmers in attendance how quickly we can build new soil, with the right practices. They have built almost two feet of new soil over a yellow clay base in 10 short years! The progress is plain to see in the pictures.

The Field Day was highly impactful with the farmers and others in attendance. So much so that we had quite a few stay for over five hours afterwards to talk about how to move this initiative forward. The discussion quickly moved to how can we best reach the consumer with this message. Above anything else, the consumer is the one who will have the largest impact on how we farm in the future. Being able to effectively reach them is the best way to incent farmers to make significant changes.

I believe I told you and Finian this, but after I left Elk City, OK to drive back to OKC to catch my flight, I encountered a dust storm the entire 140+ miles. At times the red dust was blowing so badly that I had to slow to under 30 MPH on the interstate to see. It was heartbreaking and I was wondering if the farmers along the way even realized what was happening and why it was happening? Even when I got to OKC, the city was enveloped in a red haze from all the dust.
We have much work to do!

Thank you for being a huge part in helping us move this initiative forward.

– Allen Williams
Founder, Soil Health Academy