Healthy Soil Solves Everything


What if the secret to almost all of our environmental problems was just beneath our feet?

Healthy soil has the potential for so much if we let it do its thing. We all know about photosynthesis: the process plants use to take in CO2 and sunlight to produce carbohydrates. There is much more to the story though! Plants share some of the sugars they create with microbes in the soil, which provides the plants with nutrients, and actually helps to build healthy soil! The interplay between plant roots, bacteria, and something called mycorrhizal fungi is essential for plant life, and for meaningful amounts of carbon to be drawn out of the atmosphere!

In addition, healthy soil holds more water and prevents erosion, making all the good things in the soil stay where they are needed! Unfortunately practices such as tilling and leaving bare soil exposed to the air and sunlight harm these natural processes and allow soil to die. Think regeneratively, farm regeneratively, and healthy soil will follow!