It brings us food, clothing, shelter, and helps keep our water cycle healthy. It’s also an important part of reversing global warming. Kiss The Ground empowers people to restore soil and helps accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture.


According to the UN we have less than 60 harvests left. In the United States on average we are losing 4 tons of topsoil per acre, per year on our cropland.

Soil degradation leads to:

less nutritious food
reduced water infiltration
loss of biodiversity
smaller farm profits
carbon release
extreme weather events
heat island effect

The good news

We can build back our soil by supporting its biological life, leading to:

Biodiverse, thriving ecosystems

Water infiltration
(drought resistance)

Increased prosperity for farmers

A healthy carbon cycle

Nutritious food

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There are simple steps you can take every time you purchase food that support healthy soils and a balanced climate.

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