We are so grateful to you for hosting a Kiss the Ground Donor Salon! These salons will provide an intimate and inspiring evening to connect with the work of our organization and the power of regeneration. Below you will find all the relevant information around planning and hosting a Donor Salon. 

Location: Your home

Guest list: We aim to maintain a connected and intimate evening, so we suggest no more than 10 – 15 people in your community. However we defer to you on final numbers.

Food & Beverages: All food and drinks will be the responsibility and discretion of the host. We will provide guidance on regenerative vendors in your region to aid in the planning process and inspire some regenerative food/drink elements!

Now that you have committed to hosting a dinner, here a the general timeline of next steps:

  • Work together with KTG team to schedule date/time/location
  • KTG can provide invitation design materials/ticketing page
  • Please invite guests at least 4 weeks in advance
  • Make plan for catering/meal/beverages
  • Host the dinner!