It’s Go Time! CA residents, take 3 mins to support Healthy Soils.

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August 23, 2016

CA Residents: Call Your Legislators!
The Assembly and the Senate just released their proposed budgets for Cap & Trade (the market-based program in place to cap and lower state greenhouse gas emissions) and now is the time to reach back out to our representatives and let them know that we support SB32, including funding for Healthy Soils and new composting infrastructure and food waste recovery.

The message is simple: “I’m calling to support Senate Bill 32 and the Healthy Soils Initiative. California agriculture is on the frontlines of climate change with greater weather extremes. SB 32 will support efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, avoid the worst of climate change impacts and will make a difference in our communities. Also, I support funding for the Healthy Soils Initiative, and CalRecycle funding for composting as part of the state’s climate change investments.”

Give your name and location when you call, and remember to be polite and respectful. Active citizenship works when we all participate, encourage our representatives and hold them accountable to taking real action on climate change. What happens here in California, the sixth largest economy in the world, can impact the globe.

If you dont see your representative in the list below please find them at http/

Bay Area
Mark Leno (415) 557-1300
Phil Ting (415) 557-2312
David Chui (415) 557-3013

LA Area
Kevin de León (916) 651-4024
Anthony Rendon (916) 319-2063
Autumn Burke (916) 319-2062
Matthew Dababneh (916) 319-2045
Ian Calderon (916) 319-2057
Freddie Rodriguez (916) 319-2052
Mike Gatto (916) 319-2043
Adrin Nazarian (916) 319-2046
Cheryl R. Brown (916) 319-2047

San Diego
Brian Maienschein (916) 319-2077
Shirley N. Weber (916) 319-2079
Lorena Gonzalez (916) 319-2080
Toni G. Atkins (916) 319-2078

Central Valley
Devon J. Mathis (916) 319-2026
Jim Cooper (916) 319-2009
Rudy Salas (916) 319-2032
Joaquin Arambula (916) 319-2031
Susan Talamantes Eggman (916) 319-2013

Other policy updates from KTG HQ

Breaking News: $29 million recommended for on-farm water conservation!

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced yesterday its recommendations for $29 million for on-farm water conservation grants. It’s exciting to see the list of recommended grant recipients, and we are especially pleased that considerable funding will be allocated to demonstration projects, technical assistance, and farmer training and outreach. This money provides a much-needed source of funding to complement the SWEEP water conservation program that currently does not fund technical assistance and outreach.

Regenerative lawns the new standard for rebate eligibility!

The LADWP Board of Commissioners voted this week 3-2 to require the watershed approach for getting their turf rebate. Also, they removed artificial turf from rebate eligibility. Presenters included: TreePeople, Green Gardens Group, Association of Professional Landscape Designers, Climate Resolve, FormLA, and Surfrider Foundation. LA Councilman Paul Koretz sponsored the motion to initiate work to revise the rebate language, with heavy lifting done by staffer, Andy Shrader.

The watershed approach is straightforward: build living soil, retain rainwater, use climate appropriate plants, and utilize high-efficiency irrigation as needed. The main revisions are retaining rainwater, using plant-based mulch, and no rebate for artificial turf.

Kiss the Ground is proud to have played an early role in the inception of this legislation.