Join Team Kiss the Ground: Media Program Lead


Kiss the Ground is a California-based 501(c)(3) committed to inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil. They are a leader in the regenerative agriculture movement mobilizing a wide array of stakeholders to build healthy soils on a global scale. Their Media program creates consumer demand through films, social media, and a self-titled book and documentary. Their Education program works with schools and teachers to implement soil-centric curriculum and helps brands and businesses invest in healthy soils. Their Farmland program supports farmers and ranchers by providing scholarships for training and technical support along with connecting them with restaurants who will purchase and use their produce and meat. Their Advocacy program trains people in diverse disciplines to take a leadership role in their own communities for regenerative agriculture across the globe.
Contract position (up to 120 hours/month).
Kiss the Ground is a rapidly growing non-profit with multiple programs. Our media program is highly regarded in the regenerative movement; our mission is inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil. We advocate for building back soil in order to reverse global warming, replenish water sources, and restore fertility. This position plays a key role in shaping how humanity thinks about the future of our planet. ―We are Los Angeles-based, with several contractors that work remotely. Our office is currently located in West Adams, but we’ll be moving to a new location within the city early next year. Kiss the Ground’s team members are self-generative, dedicated to working hard, and keeping positive energy alive. We strive to take great care of our clients, team members, donors and ensure the well-being of the regenerative movement overall. We believe, in essence, “We Can Do This!” Together, humanity can reverse the damage we’ve done and restore earth’s abundant balance.
We’re seeking someone to take over one of Kiss the Ground’s most important roles. This position is crucial to the success of Kiss the Ground’s role in the global regenerative movement. We’re seeking someone who not only has a background in production and media but someone who is a visionary and is (or will become) a thought leader. In short, we need a big-thinker who is GREAT at getting things done. The ideal candidate will be familiar with regenerative agriculture and soil health, and will value inclusivity, non-partisan politics, poetry, fundamental filmmaking, productive criticism, and will convey our message convincingly. The ideal candidate will know production (budgets, timelines), media creation (storyboarding, writing, editing), soil science (basic-moderate), social media awareness (what formats work on which platforms and why), pitch deck creation (good design aesthetic and skills required for formatting). The ideal candidate will be: timely, inspiring, leading, convincing, confident, coachable, energetic, empathetic, willing to dive deep in the movement, willing to evolve in relationship with Kiss the Ground and the movement.
Organizing and producing photo shoots⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Creating pitch decks to bring sponsors on to media projects Working with sponsors and partners to outline and develop media pieces
Producing short media and organizing the media calendar; overseeing the creation of all videos
Reviewing content with KTG team, advisors, and sponsors Assigning infographics to our graphic artist
Working with our social media team to plan media campaigns and weekly content overview
Participating in one-hour meetings with each media creator once per week.

Please send resume, cover letter detailing your interest and unique qualifications, and samples of your production work to