Starting Giving Tuesday every dollar donated will be generously matched up to $50,000 by dedicated partner Brother's Bond Bourbon

 Kiss the Ground (KTG), the nonprofit known for its hope-filled messaging and as a leading voice advocating for healthier soil and regeneration for more than a decade, proudly announces its seasonal end-of-year giving campaign. 

Launching on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, and running through the end of 2023, the “Inspired by Kiss the Ground” campaign features stories of inspiration along with an opportunity for supporters to share their own pivotal moments of inspiration and transition to regeneration.

A few of the many impact stories include:

Dierdre McNab, Colorado Ranch Owner—a beef producer who radically shifted from conventional to regenerative practices after watching the “Kiss the Ground” documentary.

Juan S. Velez, rancher/veterinarian from Columbia — transformed by the film, led the transition of 20,000 acres to incorporate regenerative practices.

Gally Mayer, Buena Vida Cafe Orgánico— Mayer’s organization in Costa Rica became a leading entity for regenerative coffee thanks to Kiss the Ground’s support and expertise.

Finn Family Farm – was inspired by Kiss the Ground to start composting, using cover crops, planting native species, and introducing beneficial animals on their farm.

“Kiss The Ground moved me personally several years ago, and since joining, I’ve witnessed the impact it’s had on so many others,” said KTG CEO Evan Harrison. “Consistently, I hear stories about Kiss the Ground’s impact—ranchers so profoundly inspired they’ve refocused how they manage their herds for healthier protein production; entrepreneurs restructuring supply chains and starting businesses to source regeneratively; large-scale commercial farmers getting started on their Regenerative journey. It’s truly moving. These and so many more powerful stories are creating a meaningful groundswell that will help drive the movement to support Regeneration as a viable solution for our wellness, water and climate crisis.”

Kiss the Ground invites existing and new supporters to join the movement starting Giving Tuesday and extending through December 31, 2023. By contributing to Kiss the Ground, individuals can be part of the transformative journey towards a healthier, regenerative planet that nourishes the health of all living beings and allows the organization to continue the mission of inspiring millions with the possibilities of regeneration. And for every dollar donated up to $50,000, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley’s Brother’s Bond Bourbon will match the donation, creating even more impact opportunities. 


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