Kiss the Ground Stories: Meet Sylvia

Kiss the Ground LIFESTYLE

“I’m Sylvia and long-term sustainable practices are important in all areas of my lifestyle. They govern my plant based eating, my minimalism, creating and using natural products, and my relationship with nature.

We practice a sustainable food growing strategy on our 2.2 acres of land in Sarasota, Florida we call The Good Earth Food Forest. This journey began with a study group we attended in Lakeland, Florida reading a book called Gaia’s Garden. It opened my eyes and my soul. In all my years as a gardener I had never read or heard anyone talk about our relationship with nature in this way. Using the principles of permaculture design, we follow natural practices to care for our land to produce food, create a haven for insects and animals, and work to preserve Florida natives.

Natural practices such as increasing soil health, diversity planting and guilds, and creating an environment for bees, birds and other animals are some of the ways I support the ecosystem. Supporting the land brings me closer to nature. I like to think that our permaculture practices are improving the ecosystem in my area. Neighbors have remarked that since we started “gardening”, they notice more butterflies in their yard. That makes me smile.

We are committed to reducing waste in our practices. We reuse and incorporate everything on our property with hugels, creating borders with limbs, composting bins for “yard waste”, and mulching techniques for water conservation and soil development.

Nature gives back to us with serene surroundings – the sounds of birds, her expression in each season, the aromas and the abundance of food. As our property continues to evolve, our goal is to be able to share our abundance of food with others and to share our experience.

We all need regenerative practices with large monoculture farmlands and small urban landscapes to shift our culture towards being in unison with nature. My goal is to mimic and collaborate with nature.” – Sylvia Colbert

The more we share HOW people are regenerating our planet, the more we can all be INSPIRED to keep going!

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