Kiss the Ground Stories: The Hansen Family


“Hello! We are the Hansen family. Peter and I got married in 2013 and had our first sweet baby girl in February of 2016.

Ever since Violette’s arrival into this world, we have had our eyes opened up to what we want this world to be, for her.

We truly believe that the Earth is our playground and it breaks our hearts that in Violette’s lifetime, things may change drastically because this planet is not being treated the way it should be.

Our contribution to protecting this planet we call home, starts at home. We have moved our family of three (and our four legged furry friend), to a farm in Northern Maryland. We have begun building garden boxes to grow the produce that our family eats, we have invested in the tools we need to raise chickens in the next few months, and have begun building our bee box too. We cloth diaper Violette, have zero plastic toys, plates, cups, or utensils for her, and are switching from synthetic clothing to wool or organic cotton. The change begins at home, and we are fully committed to healing this beautiful planet.”

– The Hansen family: Peter, Ariana, and Violette

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