Regenerate America Launch Supporter Toolkit

Use this toolkit to get assets and information on how to share your excitement about the Regenerate America campaign!


Now is the time to use our collective power to Regenerate America.

Recent years have brought new hope and excitement to the soil health and regenerative agriculture movements. Our voices are being heard and our work is gaining support, in both public and private sectors. The Farm Bill––as the major piece of legislation that determines our national approach to food and agriculture––represents the most critical leverage point for shifting our nation’s agricultural system to one that is not only resilient, but regenerative. 

This is our opportunity.  

Together, as a united coalition in partnership with friends of the movement, we can leverage our collective power and launch with a loud, resounding statement that will reverberate all the way to Washington D.C.


  • ANNOUNCE THE CAMPAIGN LAUNCH (May 17th) – Help amplify Regenerate America content by reposting across your channels and encouraging your network to “Join the Campaign.”
  • EDUCATE & ADVOCATE (May 19th – May 27th) – Announce your support of the Regenerate America campaign, share information about regenerative agriculture with your networks, and lend your voice to underscore the urgency of this historical moment.



Regenerate America™ is an unprecedented coalition of farmers, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals from every corner of our country and all political stripes. Together, we are amplifying the voices of farmers and ranchers demanding that the 2023 Farm Bill shift resources & support towards regenerative agriculture. Regenerate America is convened by the national soil health nonprofit organization, Kiss the Ground.


Regenerate America is a diverse, bipartisan coalition of citizens, farmers, ranchers, non-profits, and companies working together to transform the 2023 Farm Bill. The coalition is propelled by its working groups, guided by a Farmer Leadership Council and Steering Committee, and stewarded by Kiss the Ground.


Healthy soil is the foundation of American resilience and prosperity, but the majority of soils we all rely on are severely degraded. We are losing topsoil 10x faster than we are replenishing it.

We can rapidly rebuild our soil by empowering farmers and ranchers to practice regenerative agriculture.

Current federal agriculture policy does more to hinder the adoption of regenerative production than to support it. This must change. Our coalition will leverage our collective power to put our six policy priorities at the heart of the 2023 Farm Bill – the major piece of legislation that determines our national approach to food and agriculture.

Together, we will revive our soil, our land and our communities, fostering opportunities for this generation and generations to come.


Regenerative agriculture rebuilds our soil, and does so faster than we ever thought possible. By combining Indigenous knowledge, holistic management, and cutting-edge science, regenerative agriculture makes farming and ranching more profitable, improves food quality and security, and repairs land function – providing countless benefits to our planet and our people.


Join us in promoting the launch of the Regenerate America campaign for healthy soil on your social media channels. Below are branding & graphics guidelines and sample copy you can use. Additionally, we have provided suggested dates for each post, but the timing is up to you. While we encourage you to use the campaign hashtag and CTA, please feel free to customize the language for your voice!


Use this branding guide to create your materials and/or graphics to amplify the day on your social media channels (materials available May 13). Note that we will continue to add assets to this folder leading up to the launch and beyond.

SOCIAL MEDIA HASHTAG: #RegenerateAmerica

Please use #RegenerateAmerica on all your social media posts and channels so all of us can follow the conversation.

CALL TO ACTION: Join the Campaign

The CTA for the launch of Regenerate America is to “Join the Campaign” on the website. As we continue to rally supporters, it will be critical to gather email addresses for ongoing engagement and future CTAs, as well as demonstrate the growing support for the regenerative agriculture movement. Please drive individuals to the website to “Join the Campaign” across your communication.


Kiss the Ground will serve as the hub for Regenerate America content. Follow the Kiss the Ground accounts to easily reshare content throughout the launch, in addition to your original posts.

Kiss the Ground


Below are the suggested dates for the rollout of launch across social media. We ask that you post to as many channels as are most relevant to your audiences. Note that [bracketed items] denote a social media handle.


Click here to download the Campaign Launch graphic and/or :30 & :60 trailer video assets (TBC)  (available no later than EOD May 12th)

  • Please share the Launch graphic or trailer natively to Facebook and Instagram (upload yourself to your accounts), and retweet Kiss The Ground’s post on Twitter:
  • Sample Copy to Accompany Graphic or Video (please adjust to fit your voice/perspective): Today, I am proud to help announce the #RegenerateAmerica campaign for healthy soil. It’s never been more important to bring life back to our agriculture and ensure that the next generations have a better, more sustainable future. Together, we can #RegenerateAmerica. Click the link in my stories (in my bio) now to watch the full trailer on the website and hear how you can help U.S. farmers & ranchers rebuild our soil!
  • Hashtag: #RegenerateAmerica

EDUCATE & ADVOCATE (May 19 – May 27, 2022)

Below are a number of ways that you can support the campaign throughout the launch. Please consider sharing 1-2 of the following:

  • Post a Regenerate America launch graphic or share regenerative agriculture facts (download here – available no later than EOD May 13th) and encourage your followers to “Join the Campaign.”
  • Share a direct-to-camera video testimonial to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.
    • Recommendations for Testimonial Videos: The direct-to-camera videos are designed to be testimonials from your individual or organization’s point of view on regenerative agriculture. We recommend that the videos be no longer than :60 seconds and be posted to Instagram as Reels, and then shared to Stories. For Facebook and Twitter, the videos can be shared to feed as-is. Videos should be captured vertically (i.e. portrait), with minimal background noise and good lighting (see end of post for additional tips).
    • Testimonial Prompts: Below are several prompts to consider when filming your testimonial video. They do not all need to be included in the video — feel free to pick 1-2 that stand out to you. You can also reference messaging in the end of this post for additional guidance.
      • Why does regenerative agriculture matter, and why is it so important right now?
      • How does regenerative agriculture affect your viewers/followers?
      • What does the opportunity of regenerative agriculture mean to you personally and for your work?
    • Sample Copy to Accompany Video Testimonial Post: [Organization Handle] and I are proud to be part of the #RegenerateAmerica campaign for healthy soil with [KISS THE GROUND SOCIAL HANDLE BY PLATFORM]. It’s never been more important to rebuild our soils and ecosystems through agriculture and ensure that the next generations have a better, more sustainable future. Together, we can #RegenerateAmerica. Click the link in our bio now to watch the full video on YouTube to hear how you can help U.S. farmers & ranchers rebuild our soil!
    • NOTE:  If you don’t have the capability to share a link in your bio, feel free to share @kisstheground’s social media to your story. 
    • Hashtag: #RegenerateAmerica
  • Share additional cutdowns of the trailer (available here) that provide additional information about the campaign and regenerative agriculture. These cutdowns answer the following question:
    • What’s Regenerate America?
    • What’s the Farm Bill & Why is it Important?
    • Why Regenerative Agriculture?


If you are filming on your phone, please film vertically (portrait) in either 4K or 1080p and 24FPS. This setting can be changed by going to Settings > Camera > Record Video.

When recording, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Please record from a medium shot (from the chest up, leaving some space above your head)
  • Record from the front on, not from below
  • Try not to record in a room with a heavy echo

Additional Tips & Tricks

(Note: The recommendations below are meant to be helpful and not overwhelming!) 

  • Device Choice + Setup
    • If possible, it is preferred to film from the webcam on a laptop, rather than a phone. Laptops serve as a more stable video capture solution.
    • If using a smartphone, make sure to prop the phone so that the video can be captured without holding it. (Avoid selfies)
    • The camera on the front of your smartphone is typically the highest quality. If you have someone to help you frame the shot properly, film using the camera on the front of the phone, instead of the one above the screen.
  • Software – Video Recording Only
    • Laptop – QuickTime Player
    • iPhone – Camera
      • In Settings, change your “Record Video” settings to “1080 HD at 30 fps”.
      • If your phone has enough storage space, change to “4K at 30 fps” (Note: recording in 4K will make the files very large.
  • Framing
    • For the purposes of social media content, please film in PORTRAIT (vertical, not horizontal).
    • Ensure your device is on a stable and even surface.
    • Your device should be far enough away to capture as much of you in the frame as you need (medium closeup is ideal).
    • Position yourself in the center of the frame.
    • Have the device’s camera level with (or just below) your eye-line.
    • Address/look at the lense, not the image of the other person.
  • Lighting
    • Try to have a source of even white light hitting your face. Facing light from a nearby window is ideal.
    • Make sure there is no bright source of light behind you (i.e. don’t be backlit).
  • Sound Quality
    • Avoid rooms with an echo. Rooms with rugs or carpets tend to work better.
    • Make sure the room will be quiet throughout the recording.
    • Do not have the volume from your computer too loud. This could create feedback.


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