Let’s Regenerate the Planet —Together.


Our friends at Nutiva have been supporting us since the beginning! —And now they want to support YOU. New Kiss the Ground Members will receive two gifts in the form of Nutiva’s 10-oz Organic US-Grown Hempseed and a copy of ‘Kiss the Ground’ Book courtesy of Nutiva!
Are you ready to:
+ Have access to cutting-edge research and education in the field of regenerative agriculture?
+ Learn ways to inspire change in your local community?
+ Be an advocate for soil health and a regenerative lifestyle?
+ Receive access to & discounts on the latest regeneratively-sourced products?
+ Know that you’re directly supporting the growth of Kiss the Ground’s various programs: Storytelling, Education, Farmland, Business, and Venice Garden?
BECOME A MEMBER TODAY if you’re ready to stand on the front lines of the global movement to regenerate the planet, starting with soil. Plus, receive a few extra perks thanks to our friends from Nutiva!


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