Kiss the Ground Launches T-Shirt Campaign That Challenges “Sustainability” and Offers “Regeneration” as Humanity’s Solution to Climate Change


March 28, 2018

Cohort of Celebrities Help Nonprofit Kiss the Ground Launch T-Shirt Campaign That Challenges “Sustainability” and Offers “Regeneration” as Humanity’s Solution to Climate Change

Rosario Dawson, Adrian Grenier, Jason Mraz and others use shirt to explain what living beyond ‘sustainability’ means and how it all comes down building soil through Regenerative Agriculture.

VENICE BEACH, Calif., March 27, 2018 — Kiss the Ground aligned with a cluster of stars, to unveil the ‘Regeneration’ t-shirt campaign. The campaign will be hosted by the fundraising organization, Omaze until May 21st.

Some Influencers Include: Jason Mraz, Rosario Dawson, Adrian Grenier, Paul Blackthorne, Michael Franti and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

“Our current agricultural system is causing such severe soil degradation that some estimates suggest that we have less than 60 years of harvests left. Couple that with the average age of farmers and ranchers being over 60 years old and the future can look pretty bleak. Even sustainability won’t fix ecosystems that are already so badly degraded. It doesn’t have to be that way!” explains Kiss the Ground’s Executive Director, Lauren Tucker. “We have a growing movement of farmers and ranchers who are ecologically minded and understand that soil isn’t just a growing medium, it’s alive. We need to give them as much support as we can to help them regenerate soils, because building soil means moving carbon from the atmosphere into the ground. We can do this!”

50 percent of shirt sales will go to expanding Kiss the Ground’s Young Farmer Regenerative Agricultural Training Fund which provides farmers 40 and under with scholarships to apply to courses such as the Regenerative Farming and Ranching Course taught by Soil Health Academy. Although this campaign is directed to fund young farmers, it is separate from Kiss the Ground’s additional programs to train farmers of all ages.

Young farmer scholarship recipients will learn how to utilize the latest principles and practices to regenerate soil as well as increase crop yields and lower input costs. Regenerative soil building techniques work in alignment with natural systems and include: keeping the soil covered, having living roots in the ground, diversifying crops, minimizing soil disturbance, reducing chemical inputs and properly managing animals.

“Recognizing a need to convert to regenerative agriculture is growing rapidly throughout the world,” Co-founder of Kiss the Ground Finian Makepeace said. “This movement is gaining traction with major food companies like General Mills, Danone Wave, Unilever, Megafood and others who see financial incentives, as well as the ability to tie regenerative agriculture to their company’s environmental targets.”

Farmer education is a major opportunity to further expand these agricultural principles and practices and this is where this program comes in. This program sets up a pathway for farmers to access this education. For a limited time, the ‘REGENERATION’ t-shirt made out of organic and recycled material can be ordered through Omaze.

“Buy this shirt and join the regeneration movement. Help be part of the solution to climate change!,” said Adrian Grenier, “No matter what age you are, you can join the regeneration.”

About Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is inspiring participation in the global movement to restore soils. Since its inception in 2013, Kiss the Ground has worked with political leaders, businesses, farmers, celebrities, students, homeless youth, educators, farmers and businesses to promote regenerative agriculture as a critical part of the solution to climate change. To achieve its mission the organization currently has five programs: Storytelling/media, Education, Farmland, Business, and Garden. This campaign is part of their Farmland program and is designed to benefit younger farmers. They also have a scholarship fund for farmers of all ages. The organization is set to release “Kiss the Ground” the documentary later this year created by Documentarian Josh Tickell and Executive Producer Leonardo DiCaprio. The film tells the story farmers, advocates, and scientists at the forefront of this movement and how building back our soil can be a solution to some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

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