Op-Ed | The Inflation Reduction Act Invested in Rural America. Now, Those Funds May Be in Jeopardy

Kiss the Ground is excited to share this post co-written by our Regenerate America Farmer Leaders Rick Clark and Wayne Swanson, Jr.

This new op-ed in Food Tank is a timely call on congress to follow through on its promise to adequately fund conservation programs. USDA conservation programs are critically important to farmers around the country, providing the financial and technical assistance needed to regenerate our working lands. While the inflationreductionact secured nearly $20 billion for these conservation programs, the funding has been a political sticking point in Congress. As we enter an election year, there is a lot of uncertainty over the farm bill’s size and how much of the IRA funding will be preserved. Responsible land stewardship is a shared priority among farmers regardless of political views, and this piece offers a message that will resonate with everyone involved in food and ag policy:

The health of our soils is critical, and now is the time to put aside partisan differences and come together to invest in a climate-resilient future.


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