Our Resolutions

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A few days before 2016, we launched a Resolutions campaign called #RegenResolutions.  The campaign came out of a dinner conversation that our team had while we were in Paris during the Global Climate Summit (COP21).  In the discussion it came up that while our message easily inspires it is often unclear what follow up action can be taken.

Our message:

Join us in spreading awareness, inspiration and hope, not just for healthy soil, but for the regeneration of our planet and the possibility of solving the greatest challenge of our time – climate change.  Regeneration is possibly the greatest opportunity for humanity and our mission is that people are awakened to the possibility of, “together, we can do this!”

Regenerative could become the context from which all human decisions are made, and it is the context Kiss the Ground is championing in 2016. Regenerative is not just another “green”, “sustainable” term to be used for environmental green-washing.  Currently, most of our systems are degenerative. The more we use them, the more they harm and degrade the natural environment.  Regeneration does just the opposite – it actually restores, rebuilds and regenerates the natural systems that are imperative for human life.  This process is abundant rather than merely “sustainable”, which is only halting or minimizing degeneration. One example of regenerative is the seed: one seed grows a plant that can make thousands of seeds that can turn into a forest. Regenerative, as the context for our society, asks us to think about every aspect of our lives––food, clothing, shelter, energy, transport––and how we can make these systems regenerative.  How can these human activities add to the health of the environment instead of taking away? Strong partners such as Regeneration International and the Rodale Institute support us in using the term regenerative. 

So we launched a campaign to encourage each of us to commit to and share actions we can take in our lives that are regenerative – good for the earth and all of us.  

Below are the resolutions from our team.  We’re committed to walking the talk with each of you and to being transparent about our journeys. But we can’t do it alone! As Kermit the Frog once said, it’s not always easy being green!  In order to create massive, global change we each need to act.

And ultimately, as together we create the world we want, we believe we can evolve all of our systems to ones that regenerate, rather than degenerate or destruct, our planet.  Join us on this journey by taking the next step in your own life and seeing what system YOU can help to transition to a new way of thinking.

We’ll continue to report on our journeys–the good and the bad!–with our resolutions throughout this year.

With love,
The Kiss the Ground Team

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