When Kiss the Ground was founded we had one goal: share with the world that building healthy soil can be a solution to the climate crisis. Now, our work spans 5 programs all working toward our mission: inspiring participation in the global movement to restore soils. Your contributions directly support our programs as well as our management staff.
In addition to our program work, our team is strategically involved in many national and international coalitions and advocacy work toward our main goal: increase soil carbon & biodiversity on 500 million acres of land by 2050.


Healthy soil can balance the climate: it’s a story that must be told, a global conversation about the importance of soil health, the possibility of regenerative agriculture to balance our climate, and how interconnected we are to nature’s cycles.


Science meets inspiration in this tale of nature’s best hidden innovation: soil. The Soil Story, created by Kiss the Ground, in partnership with Louis Fox, best known for the acclaimed viral series, “The Story of Stuff”, is a four-minute film that shows us how working with soil can help us put our carbon cycle back into balance.

WATCH HERE NOW …or learn more at TheSoilStory.com

One of nature’s most astonishing processes, the black gold we call compost has been undervalued for too long! Compost as the regenerating, probiotic, solution for our depleted land, could play a major role in rebalancing the world’s carbon cycle. Turning polluting waste streams into a valuable resource is a win win proposition, an elegant solution to many of our modern day problems.

WATCH HERE NOW …or learn more at TheCompostStory.com

Kiss the Ground (2018) is a feature-length documentary exposing the lives of scientists, farmers, ranchers, activists and policymakers on the front-lines of the battle to save the world’s soils – and our species. Experience the hope, passion, and commitment inspired by a solution at once complex, and yet so simple; a solution long overlooked because no one thought to look right under our feet. Directed by award winning filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell of Big Picture Ranch.


Hundreds of Thousands of views on YouTube; Tens of Thousands of Social Media followers world-wide. Kiss the Ground brings stories to life and keeps the soil movement activated, inspired, motivated and up-to-date with the latest happenings. Click below to follow Kiss the Ground.

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We educate brands, farmers, policy makers, consumers and students
about healthy soil and regenerative agriculture.


In partnership with Life Lab, we’ve developed a curriculum for middle school students comprised of five lessons that meet all national science standards. There are lessons on the carbon cycle, photosynthesis, soil, regenerative agriculture, and taking community action. The curriculum will be available in August 2017 to download for free.


Kiss the Ground’s team presents at events, conferences, schools, and gatherings of all sizes. Some of our more notable appearances in the last few years include: COP 21 Paris, Summit at Sea, Deepak Chopra’s Sages and Scientists, Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant event, Soil not Oil, Grazing for Change, UCLA, Heirloom Expo, and COP 22 Morocco.


Every year we help to bring a cutting edge soil health educator to California.

2014: Graeme Sait, Beverly Hills, CA
2015: Elaine Ingham, Venice, CA
2016: Dan Kittredge, Venice, CA
2017: Mark Shepard/Savory Institute (in collaboration), Forestville, CA

Healthy Acres

We work with consumers, suppliers and purchasers to drive demand and transition farms to regenerative agriculture. This is our newest program and it’s still in the early stages of development.


We are accepting donations to cover the cost to farms of a carbon farm plan. Once a farmer has a carbon farm plan in place they are eligible for funding to implement the plan from the State of California (Healthy Soils Initiative). Please email info@kisstheground.com to learn more and see how your donation can transform farmland today.
Purchasing Guide (late 2017 release): Consumers, chefs, and institutions can use this tool to drive demand for food that sequesters carbon

Supply Chain: Meetings with brands, restaurants, and food distributors to assist in accessing regenerative crops and driving demand to convert acres

Farm Conversion: Connecting interested farmers to consultants and resources needed to transition. Please contact us at info@kisstheground.com if you have an inquiry about your farm.

Garden for the Community

As we work globally, we also act locally in the community where we live.

Near our office in Venice, CA we have turned a piece of city land into a site for urban regenerative gardening. We work with the community, hosting events, classes, work days, and a job-training internship for homeless youth.

The garden is open to the public and is a demonstration of how public space in our communities can be used differently.

The garden is made possible by hundreds of volunteers and our partnership with SPARC and Beyond Baroque.

Currently the food grown in the garden is donated to our volunteers, St. Joseph Center’s homeless/low-income culinary training students who take regular classes at the garden, and to our homeless internship program.

We run a twelve week gardening job training program for homeless youth in association with SPY and made possible by County of Los Angeles. In the program youth are paid to learn and work at the garden for 6 hours a week. The curriculum includes hands on gardening work, lectures, mentorship, and assistance with job-placement.

Design guidance for the garden was provided by Rios-Clementi Hale Studios, WERK, Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture, Big Red Sun, Erik Hjermstad, Farmer Jack, Don Smith, Mark Rainville, and Jay Griffith.

We work with volunteers to maintain the garden and are always looking for more helping hands. Join us on Saturdays from 9-2 at 681 N Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 or email garden@kisstheground.com

Want to host an event? dinner? music? class? email garden@kisstheground.com


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Beyond Baroque, SPARC, Santa Monica College, and The City of Los Angeles.

Permaculture Action Network, Safe Place for Youth St. Joseph’s Center, Venice Learning Garden, Venice Neighborhood Council

“Kiss the Ground’s passion for soil restoration, marketing/media savvy, and access to a huge audience of people who want to do something positive but haven’t known where to begin, give this team the ability to really mobilize people of all kinds.”

Judith Schwartz