Regenerative Wine & Chocolate

What if we told you that you can eat chocolate, drink wine AND heal the soil all at the same time? Here are a few of our favorite brands committed to regenerative, transparent and ethical sourcing of cacao, grapes and other ingredients! Mariah Vineyards* Mendocino, CA ENA Winemakers* Mendocino, CA Gundlach Bundschu Winery* Sonoma, CA […]

Regenerative Products You Can Find at Your Grocery Store

We love buying from our local regenerative farmers, but we know it’s not always possible to access products directly from farmers at our farmer’s markets. The good news is that you can find certified regenerative products conveniently at your local grocery store! Beef, bison, venison, pork Force of Nature works with ranchers across the world […]

Regenerative Gift Picks 2023

Kiss the Ground Regenerative Gift Picks for 2023 Our Picks How we shopped regeneratively this year Evan Harrison CEO Wild Pastures Regeneratively Sourced Meat Subscription–grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-raised chicken, and pork to my door from a U.S. Farm in a reused bag that is exchanged with delivery monthly, plus the driver texts when they […]

Regenerative Resources

a dirt path in the middle of a field.

Regenerative Resources Open-source guides, toolkits, videos, and more so you can learn and grow in the Regenerative Movement! What is Regenerative Agriculture? Kiss the Ground’s Guide to Regenerative Agriculture highlights the issues with our current agricultural model, covers the core principles and practices of regenerative agriculture, addresses common myths and concerns, and provides resources to get involved. […]

Regenerative Certifications

A regenerative agriculture field of white and yellow flowers.

Regenerative Certifications & Verifications Kiss the Ground met with certifiers to better understand the various regenerative certifications and verifications available to farmers and ranchers. This guide offers a break-down of the cost, timeline, and requirements for each certification. Demeter usa Fibershed A Greener World Real Organic Project RegenScore Regenerative Organic Alliance Regenified Land To Market […]

Introduction to Regenerative Gardening

Introduction to Regenerative Gardeningwith Tashanda Giles-Jones and Featuring Guest Experts in Regeneration, Gardening, Policy, and Moreenroll now EMPOWERING GARDENERS OF ALL LEVELS Kiss the Ground’s Introduction to Regenerative Gardening was created to show everyone, everywhere, that they can be a gardener. Designed with all levels in mind, the course begins with the history of gardening […]

Regenerative Urban Farming

a woman standing in a garden holding a frisbee.

A Kiss the Ground Farmland Program member This month we’re excited to feature Starr Brainard of Saltless Sea Urban Farm! Starr farms on half an acre in her backyard, in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Duluth, Minnesota. She purchased her house four years ago, and has been actively farming for three years. Due to Minnesota’s […]

How Regenerative Almonds are used in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

a man holding a tray of food under a tent.

A Kiss the Ground Farmland Program member Local to Southern California? You may be familiar with Fat Uncle Farms’ delicious flavored, roasted almonds, a fan favorite at farmer’s markets from Santa Barbara down to Los Angeles. The exceptionally crunchy almonds are flavored with herbs and spices like rosemary and sea salt, or cinnamon with a […]

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