KTG Partner Courses are those facilitated by other trusted organizations in the movement. Like KTG’s own courses, these carefully selected partner courses support the education of farmers, gardeners, consumers, policymakers, and businesses about regenerative agriculture and practices. They equip people with the skills and knowledge needed to be a stronger activist, better consumer, regenerative gardener, or regenerative farmer.

Kiss the Ground has always worked in collaboration with many different groups and thought leaders, and we are always looking to partner with new and existing leaders in the movement. We choose partners who, like Kiss the Ground, support the system restoration of our planet and lead us all to get into action to regenerate our planet.

Our partner courses are geared towards a diverse audience and cover a variety of topics, but are united by our strongest belief: anyone, anywhere, can be a powerful and impactful advocate. 

All of the courses fall under one of our four regenerative pillars: Farming, Lifestyle, Activism, and Business.

Political Hope

Political Hope with Charles Eisenstein is a 10-day, in-depth social impact course that merges the spiritual and political, the personal and communal. This course examines how our daily actions intertwine with the fate of our civilization.

Hacking Your Healthcare

In Hacking Your Healthcare, world-renowned Dr. Mark Hyman acts as your Functional Medicine guide, teaching you how to be an active participant at the doctor’s office.

Regen Ag 101

The Regen Ag 101 online course is designed to be a self-paced, interactive media experience, chock-full of video lectures, case studies, and supporting research gleaned from the very best of Soil Health Academy live workshops across the U.S.

The course consists of 10 documentary instruction modules featuring Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Shane New, and Dr. Allen Williams teaching the core principles of regenerative agriculture that they have pioneered over the past 30 years.

The Land and Leadership Initiative 

The Land and Leadership Initiative (LALI) provides strategic support and educational opportunities for current and emerging leaders, helping them to see and act on the potential to address society’s major challenges—food, water, climate, conflict, health—by collaborating with nature and each other.

Featured Course

WAKING UP THE DIRT: LESSONS IN SOIL REGENERATION a 4-week course beginning on February 14, 2021 with Gillian Julius

Living soils are full of intelligence, with the capacity to self-heal when given the chance. But how can we purposely activate that intelligence?