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Kiss the Ground has inspired and activated millions who want to dive into regenerative agriculture through in-person and virtual public speaking engagements, conferences, podcasts, workshops, film Q&A panels and more.

After ten years at the forefront of the regenerative movement, we have educated non-profits, educational institutions and businesses on the possibilities of regenerative agriculture. Our goal is to simplify and empower all to take action.

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Kiss the Ground’s Keynote presentations educate and activate audiences globally on the incredible possibilities of regenerative agriculture. Book a speaker for your next business luncheon, conference, university seminar, or other event!

Downloadable Resources

We do request an honorarium for our educational speaking packages. If you are a non profit or educational entity that does not have the resources for an honorarium, we offer complimentary, pre-recorded content including a Build Your Own Screening Bundle and Educational Videos which you can download below.

Cows Richard's Grassfed Beef

Build your own Kiss the Ground screening bundle​

Discussion Guide and Pre-Recorded Q&A Panel for the Kiss the Ground documentary

Please note: A release waiver must be signed to receive the downloads.

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educational Videos

Pre-recorded videos to train staff, teach students, or donors. 

Please note: A release waiver must be signed to receive the downloads.


As a 501 c3 non-profit we do request an honorarium for our speakers for all public speaking engagements. We’ve thoughtfully designed our honorarium packages to ensure the success of your event while balancing that of the energy and time asked of our speakers as they are all working full time in the Regenerative movement. All honoraria go directly to supporting our mission of promoting environmental regeneration and providing everyone with the pathways and the resources to do so. Honorarium rates will be discussed once the appropriate form is filled out. All fees that we charge can be classified as charitable contributions.

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We are so grateful you want to share the message of regeneration through a public appearance with a member of Kiss the Ground. We know that together, we can do this!

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