Plant A Tree… It All Starts With A Seed

Kiss the Ground VIDEOS

Watch this week’s video on trees, where we interview Andy Lipkis of Tree People.

“Ways” To Kiss The Ground:

  1. Write out your intentions, big or small. What are you looking to grow? In your life, in your garden and in your community? A great way to start is to gain clarity and direct your vision. Put them on paper and then begin to take action!
  2. Go outside. Feel the air, the sun, the sounds around you. Reawaken to where you are and reconnect to the source of life. Observe how everything you see started from a seed; from an idea! How inspiring!
  3. Get in the garden. By planting (literal) seeds, we can deepen our appreciation for how they grow. Nature is incredible and supports so much life to thrive! Dig deep and participate in its process!

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