With Erin McMorrow

Today’s guest is Erin McMorrow, who is intimately related to Kiss the Ground. She was our first executive director. She met us in Paris for COP 21 when we were able to get the soil story up on the Eiffel Tower. She is an amazing, amazing woman. She’s an author, she’s a guide, she’s an artist. And really her path is, in her words, being a fierce, feminine, high priestess, and really that she’s here to embody love. Her book has just launched, it’s called Grounded. It’s really about the connection between the fierce, feminine, spiritual energy and the connection of our earth and the connection to our soil. Please enjoy, Erin McMorrow.

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The essence of the work of Kiss the Ground is this deep reverence for life. A conversation about ecology, soil, trees, and all the layers of the biology and living things that contribute to our existence. Interconnection and love of the world.