With Graeme Sait

The conversation with Graham Sait today is going to blow your mind. It is a lot. He is an encyclopedia, he is a machine gun of information, and he’s going to take us through science and kind of nerdy technical information about how farmers can succeed going down this biological regenerative agricultural direction and hearing all the success stories Graham has had all over the world. He travels to 30 countries a year training agronomist farmers, ministers of agriculture, so you get to hear some of those successes, some of the challenges that farmers face, and then he brings it home back to human nutrition and how the link between soil health, plant health, and human health and the importance of mineralizing our bodies and what key minerals lead to functional health in the body. He speaks between soil and human health, and I think this podcast is really going to light you up. I hope it does, please enjoy the listen.



The essence of the work of Kiss the Ground is this deep reverence for life. A conversation about ecology, soil, trees, and all the layers of the biology and living things that contribute to our existence. Interconnection and love of the world.